Has Fame Changed ‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond?

The Pioneer Woman star Ree Drummond has enjoyed tremendous success over the years. Her food blog helped launch her television career and led to cookbooks, a magazine, brand partnerships, and more. How has fame affected her? Here’s what Drummond said about what her life is like now that she’s The Pioneer Woman.

How Ree Drummond’s family feels about her fame

Does Drummond get special treatment because she’s a FoodNetwork star? According to the “accidental country girl,” her family treats herjust like anyone else. Apparently, Drummond’s family isn’t fazed by her fame.She toldParade magazine her sons are only excited about her celebrity statuswhen someone famous follows her on Twitter. Overall, the family doesn’t carethat much about her becoming a celebrity:

I’ve earned no cool points with my kids for being The Pioneer Woman. I think the only time one of my boys was really impressed was because someone famous, like an NFL player, followed me on Twitter. They thought that was the coolest thing ever. But other than that, they’re pretty unimpressed. And that’s actually the way I like it.

How Ree Drummond feels about life after fame

In her interview with Tulsa World, Drummond spokeabout what life is like now that she’s a household name. You might think thingsare wildly different for Drummond, but she says that’s not the case. Drummond toldTulsa World she doesn’t feel like her life is that different now thatshe’s a celebrity. “My daily life on the ranch isn’t any different than it wasbefore all this started,” she told the publication. “I mean, there’s stillhorse and cattle manure in my yard that’s got to be cleaned up. That’ssomething that doesn’t change when you live on a working ranch.”

Although Drummond still lives a quite life on the ranch, shesays she still gets recognized when she goes out. “Now, if I go into town,there’s always the chance I’ll run into someone who’s seen the show or boughtone of the cookbooks,” Drummond said. “And it’s always nice to talk with peoplewho like what you do,” Drummond told Tulsa World.

Ree Drummond says this “thrills” her

Drummond told Tulsa World she loves that people arenot only visiting Pawhuska to visit the Mercantile and experience all thingsPioneer Woman, but they’re also sticking around to see what the city has tooffer. “And I realize that a lot of the people who are coming to Pawhuska noware doing that because of my stuff,” she said. “But what thrills me is thatthey really dig into all the other things in the area. They’ll go to Woolaroc,see the Tallgrass Prairie, visit the Osage Tribal Museum. They may come herebecause of the Pioneer Woman, but they stay because of all the other greatthings in Osage County.”

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