Hollyoaks Verity ISN’T Tony’s sister – she’s a conwoman and his dad’s GIRLFRIEND, claim fans – The Sun

HOLLYOAKS newcomer Verity ISN'T Tony Hutchinson's sister – she's a conwoman and his dad's girlfriend, fans claimed.

Tony has been through a terrible ordeal lately after being stabbed by serial killer Breda and being held captive in a pig farm for six months.

But this isn't the end of Tony's woes, as his dad Edward crawled out of the woodwork and struck up a relationship with his wife Diane while he was gone.

Distraught Diane believed Tony had abandoned her, so found comfort in Edward's arms. She was moments away from making the relationship public when Tony returned from the edge of death.

Edward was left alone in the room with his son, just when Tony started struggling to breathe.

He contemplated not pressing the help button, saying: "Did you really have to pick now to come back? Just when Diane and I had become an item."

However, he eventually pressed the button and helped revived Tony.

Once he regained consciousness, Diane had an emotional reunion with Tony, telling him: "I'm so sorry."

Things took a turn for the worse when Edward introduced Tony's sister Verity – who Tony didn't even recognise.

This raised fans suspicions, who now believe she's a conwoman and even his dad's girlfriend.

One person said: "Anybody else think that Verity isn't Tony's sister but really his dads girlfriend and they are both up to something dodgy."

Another added: "Edward and Verity are definitely a pair of con artists and definitely not related."

A third remarked: "So Tony and Verity have never met? Riiight? Edward is a wrong'un! His mouth has just gone like a cast a*** when Dianne said: I'm staying with my husband."

Tony's fate has hung in the balance since he was targeted by serial killer Breda.

Unlike his son Harry, Tony managed to survive the attack and he was kept captive in a pig's pen for months.

He was eventually rescued by Mercedes and Sylver, who killed the villainous Breda in the process.

Actor Nick Pickard – who plays Tony – admits he had to be so secretive about his character's brushes with death even his family and friends didn't know what was happening.

He told The Sun Online: "I mean, I do have to admit nearly everyone in my phone book phoned me to see if I was going, because I think people genuinely did think that I was going.

"I had so many people in my family ask me and obviously friends were asking, which they’ve never done before. Even my daughter was asking, and she never asks me!"

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