How is Katie Price's son Harvey Price doing? Latest updates

Katie Price's son Harvey Price will be in hospital "for at least a week" as doctors monitor his critical condition.

The 18-year-old is partially blind, autistic and has Prader-Willi syndrome.

What is the latest on Harvey Price's condition?

Harvey Price is currently in intensive care after taking ill at the Prices' Surrey home.

Katie told her fans: "I can confirm Harvey is in intensive care and in the best hands. I would like to thank the ambulance services and the hospital staff for the quick response and making him stable. X."

Harvey was taken straight to a specialist paediatric hospital after Katie noticed his rising temperature quickly.

A representative for Katie told The Sun: "His condition is very dangerous and Katie is terrified.

"He has a temperature of 42 degrees and is struggling to breathe.

"One of his conditions is adrenal failure that could cause his organs to fail and is very dangerous."

Junior, the son of Katie's ex Peter Andre, told seriously ill brother Harvey "Love you big bro" after he was rushed to hospital.

The 15-year-old sent his love to his elder sibling underneath his mum Katie Price's Instagram post confirming Harvey, 18, was in intensive care.

What is Prader-Willi syndrome?

PWS is a genetic condition that can impact muscle tone, sexual development and the function of the nervous system.

As well as this, those with Prader-Willi syndrome are more likely to have learning difficulties.

Often, it also sparks a constant desire to eat food and a permanent feeling of hunger which leads to child obesity.

However, the syndrome is very rare, with the NHS estimating that it affects "no more than one in every 15,000 children born in England".

The Prader-Will Syndrome Association UK describes the medical characteristics of the condition as:

• Hypotonia: weak muscle tone, and floppiness at birth.
• Hypogonadism: immature development of sexual organs and other sexual characteristics.
• Obesity: caused by excessive appetite and overeating (hyperphagia), and a decreased calorific requirement owing to low energy expenditure levels, although obesity is not normally a feature of those whose food intake is strictly controlled.
• Central nervous system and endocrine gland dysfunction: causing varying degrees of learning disability, short stature, hyperphagia, somnolence (excessive sleepiness), and poor emotional and social development.

Timeline of Harvey Price's battle with Prader-Willi syndrome

  • May 2002: Price gave birth to Harvey. His father is retired footballer Dwight Yorke.
  • May 2002: Harvey was found to be blind, with septo-optic dysplasia.
  • May 2002: After more tests he was additionally diagnosed to be on the autistic spectrum and to have Prader–Willi syndrome.
  • July 2016: Peter Andre revealed that he had started spending time with Harvey again after four years apart.
  • March 2017:Katie Price launched a Government petition to make online bullying a "specific criminal offence", after trolls targeted Harvey.
  • July 2018: Katie said she fears her 22-stone son Harvey could die from diabetes if he doesn't get fit.
  • January 2019: It was revealed that Parliament backed Katie's efforts to criminalising online hate.
  • April 2019: Katie announced she was putting her son in residential care because he was like a “24 stone nightmare newborn”.
  • October 2019: Harvey performed in Autism’s Got Talent.
  • July 2020: Harvey rushed to hospital after needing "urgent medical attention" while celebrating sister Princess' 13th birthday.
  • July 2020: In hospital he was given chest x-rays – doctors decide it was a chest infection.
  • July 2020: Harvey was taken home to recover.
  • July 2020 Harvey was rushed to hospital by ambulance with breathing problems after his temperature shot up  to a dangerously high 42 degrees.

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