Hurrah! Forget fake boobs and thigh gaps: finally there are REAL bodies in I’m a Celeb

But the shower scenes are looking a bit different this year – with the water trickling down beautiful average-sized women rather than bouncing off silicone boobs and washboard abs.

The average UK woman is a size 16 – so for normal woman with curves, it's been so refreshing to see Emily Atack, Sair Khan and Rita Simons hit the shower over the weekend.

The stunning ladies bucked the super skinny trend as they confidently rocked their mismatched bikinis – the kind most of us could actually wear –  which revealed trim figures that weren’t slaves to the gym.

I can't be the only woman in Britain who shouted: "Hurrah!" at the TV, thinking that new campaigns with plus-sized models might finally be having an impact.


But it hasn't always been this way.

And to show just how far we've come in terms of body diversity shown on TV, we're taking a look at the ridiculous beauty ideals we've been faced with in the I'm a Celeb shower over the years.

2002 – Nell McAndrews

Nell was the first glamour model in the jungle in 2002 and set an unrealistic bar for bikini shots.

Her Amazonian frame – complete with large breast implants – was shown off in string bikinis that no normal woman could wear.

Women up and down the country were envious of the blonde bombshell- and none of us felt good about our own bodies when we watched her.

2004 – Katie Price

No stranger to showing off her surgically constructed body, Katie Price starred in the third series back in 2004.

Flaunting her double-Es and size six frame in a series of skimpy bikinis, she quickly caught the eye of fellow contestant, Peter Andre, who she went on to marry.

But with her huge, enhanced bust, golden tan and tiny toned figure, Katie set unrealistic body goals for her fans.

Over the next few years, thousands of girls underwent breast enhancement procedures to get the big-boobed look that Katie made famous.

2006 – Myleene Klass

But she wasn't the only one who set seemingly impossible body goals.

In what was perhaps the show’s most iconic shower scene to date, back in 2006 Myleene Klass was the first to soap-up under the freezing waterfall.

Showing off her super trim torso and buxom boobs in her white bikini,  the presenter inspired a host of stars to try and outdo her every year by showing off their bikini bods in the jungle shower. 

I don't know about you, but I've never seen anyone who has a body like this is real life.

2008: Nicola McLean

Nicola was next up.

She showed off her figure at every given opportunity during her 2008 stint.

The former glamour model with her gigantic enhanced boobs and skinny frame looked like a clone of predecessor Katie Price.

Nicola, who came sixth on the show but was one of the last women left in camp, said: "I don’t want to be anyone else – I want to be me. Kate doesn’t inspire me, but Pamela Anderson does."

2013 – Amy Willerton

Former Miss Universe Amy spent most of her 2013 stint in the jungle parading her tanned and thin frame, too.

But the model, who sent male viewers – and co-star Joey Essex – wild, later admitted that she has struggled with her weight.

To our surprise, the following year Amy underwent a £600 fat-freezing treatment to tone her thighs.

She said: “I work out regularly but I sometimes find it hard to shift the weight off of my thighs so I thought it would be good to have a bit of extra help in spot reduction of fat in that area.”

2014 – Melanie Sykes

In 2014, Mel made millions of British women want to sign up for the gym.

The TV presenter, who is a self-confessed gym addict, didn't have an ounce of fat on her, and came across as totally body confident.

The mother-of-two previously said: “I had a boob job and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. I wanted my boobs to look like they did in my heyday.”

2015 – Ferne McCann

By 2015, things were starting to look up a bit.

Reality TV star Ferne proved you didn't have to be stick thin to look great in a bikini.

Despite being body-shamed weeks before for wearing an unflattering swimming costume on holiday, she was determined to prove her detractors wrong and looked amazing in the shower.

Everyone will agree that she looked fab just the way she is.

Let's just hope this is the start of healthy bodies on all TV shows, not just I'm a Celeb.


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