Jason Derulo 'knocks Will Smith's front teeth out' as golf lesson goes wrong in hilarious TikTok

JASON Derulo knocks out Will Smith's two front teeth as a golf lesson goes wrong in a hilarious TikTok video.

The singer cheekily tells Will to "put some ice on that" after he accidentally hits him in the face with a golf club.

The ordeal starts off with the actor teaching Jason how to putt.

The Savage Love singer takes a huge swing – but unfortunately for Will, he's stood right behind him.

Will falls to the ground and shows off his now toothless smile.

He angrily tells Jason: "It's my turn. It's my turn. I only need one swing."

The star then whacks Jason in the leg.

Sharing the video online, he wrote: "And we never saw @jasonderulo again."

Jason has racked up an impressive TikTok following thanks to his videos and funny pranks.

In May, the star appeared to break his front teeth while eating corn off a drill.

Holding the corn, which is fixed to a household drill, towards his mouth, the American hitmaker told his followers: "Hey, have y'all seen this? I've always wanted to try it. Life hack."

Jason then proceeded to eat the corn from the rotating drill.

However, all wasn't as it seemed as he suddenly began screaming in pain and opened his mouth to reveal his dental disaster.

Later in the day, the Whatcha Say singer posted another video of him showing his broken his two front teeth to girlfriend Jena Frumes.

He lisped: "For real, how much do you think it’s gonna fix? I know it’s f***ing ugly. It’s f***ing despicable."

Despite the horrendous clip, Jason's followers are convinced it is just a well edited prank.

One viewer penned: "Fake look closely at the teeth its special effects dope tho".

"Can’t get any cornier than this," another wrote. "I need your editor".

Social media star Kalen Allen claimed: "There’s no way! You would be bleeding! I can’t handle this lmfaooo".

Interestingly in the next few videos uploaded to his account, the singer sports a Hollywood smile, without a hint of a broken tooth.

It's not the first time Jason "lost a tooth" on TikTok.

He previously sent his 20million TikTok followers into a tizzy when he pretended to damage his teeth falling into his swimming pool while trying to perform a handstand.

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