Justin Bieber’s wife Hailey slams ‘cruelty’ online as she admits it hurts to be ‘torn apart’ by trolls – The Sun

HAILEY Bieber has slammed “cruelty” online and admitted "it hurts to be torn apart on the internet".

The model and wife of Justin Bieber is frequently targeted by fans of Selena Gomez, who previously dated the Canadian pop star.

The 23-year-old has now said social media "is SUCH a breeding ground for cruelty towards each other" where people "resort to hatred".

In a lengthy post on Instagram, she wrote: "I could sit here all day and say the hate doesn't bug me, that the words that are said don't affect me. But NEWS FLASH: it hurts to be torn apart on the internet!!!"

Hailey, who married  Justin in 2018, has previously criticised "delusional" trolls commenting on her marriage and comparing her to her husband's former girlfriend Selena.

In her latest Instagram post, Bieber told her 24 million followers it "hurts" to be compared to other people.

She said: "It hurts to be compared to other human beings every single day, it hurts for people to jump to conclusions and make assumptions. It hurts to be called names, and to feel like you don't measure up to a certain standard.. the list goes on and on.

"I share this only because it weighs often on my heart and because it's important to be honest about how these things affect us mentally and emotionally.

"Hopefully it speaks to someone struggling with the same."

Her post comes after Justin released his first solo single in five years. Titled Yummy, it appeared to be about his wife and contained the lyrics "I'm elated that you are my lady".

Selena, who dated Justin on-and-off from 2010 up until early 2018, released her own single in October.

Love You To Lose Me was widely believed to be about their failed relationship.

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