Kate Ferdinand has her Christmas decorations up ALREADY and admits she's 'feeling festive' in November

KATE Ferdinand has her Christmas decorations up already and admitted she's "feeling festive" in November.

The reality star unveiled her festive staircase while talking about her new book, Fitter, Happier, Healthier.

Kate, 27, stood holding the book in a long-sleeved black shirt tucked into her black creased skirt.

Behind her, the white staircase with cast iron bars is wrapped in a wreath with baubles and trinkets.

She captioned the photo: "This is a surreal pinch me moment … I have a book … ahhh ????day out for my Rios birthday and coming home to my book we have been working on for over a year feels crazzzyyyy!

"So excited for you guys to see it! Follow the link in my bio for a singed copy! Lots of love ?#fitterhappierhealthier"

She also admitted to feeling festive already, saying: "P.s. yes our Christmas Decs did go up yesterday ??‍♀️ feeling festive already."

Fans were crazy about the decorations, with many people tagging in their other half.

One person wrote: "Rio Ferdinand has his Christmas decks up mun."

Another added: "her Christmas decs are up!!"

A third said to their partner: "I’m wondering how long before you cave and start putting up your Christmas decorations too".

Kate is settling into married life with footballer husband Rio Ferdinand.

The star revealed she refused to walk down the aisle until she completed a gruelling workout to keep her "focused and happy" on her wedding day.

She shared a video of her "wedding morning workout", which showed her pumping weights and running on a treadmill before she walked down the aisle.

In the video she turns and tells the camera before starting the exercise: "Can’t get married before I get this done".

She then told her one million Instagram followers in the caption: "Lots of people asking did I train the morning of the wedding …. of course I bloody DID.

"It's not just about the body it’s about the mind … going into the best day of my life feeling focused and happy."

Kate and Rio tied the knot at the five star hotel D Maris Bay in Marmaris, Turkey in front of family and friends on 27th September.

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