Khloé Kardashian's BF Tristan Thompson Jokes Christmas Will Be 'More Expensive' with 2 Kids

Tristan Thompson is preparing for his first Christmas with two children — and he’s doing it in style!

In PEOPLE’s exclusive clip of Kickin’ it with Kickstradomis, the 27-year-old NBA star commissions Salvador Amezcua, aka Kickstradomis, to customize a pair of Nike Air Max sneakers with the names of his 16-month-old son Prince (with ex Jordan Craig) and 7-month-old daughter True (with Khloé Kardashian).

“I got a son that’s 16 months and I have a daughter, so Christmas is going to be a little more expensive,” Thompson jokes, laughing. “We gotta buy more gifts now.”

He adds, “You gotta take care of the little ones, make sure they’re good.”

As Amezcua, the sought-after custom sneaker designer, begins to spray-paint the shoes, Thompson explains, “We all have our motivations in life and for me, it’s my kids. They push me every day and keep me going. It gives me that extra motivation that I need.”


When Amezcua offers the Cleveland Cavaliers player a chance to control the paint gun, the basketball star nervously agrees.

“I can’t mess this up, I can’t mess this up for True. She’ll judge me,” he says.

Kickin’ it with Kickstradomis follows Amezcua as he creates some of the most iconic kicks featured by top athletes. Throughout the series, the designer features an inside look into the lives of his elite clientele — as well as a look at their favorite designs.

Thompson’s Kickin’ it with Kickstradomis episode airs Tuesday at 3 p.m. ET on Yahoo Sports and Complex.

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