Lewis Capaldi reveals he's put on a stone in lockdown as he vows to take action and lose his 'love handles'

SUPERSTAR singer Lewis Capaldi has revealed he's put on a stone in lockdown – and vowed to take action to lose his "love handles".

The 23-year-old said he'd noticed his weight gain in lockdown after being forced to postpone gigs amid the coronavirus crisis.

“I’ve put on 14lb," he told a US radio station.

"I’ve put on love handles. It’s fine."

The hilarious singer-songwriter – best known for his hit Someone You Loved – laughed off his weight gain, saying: "It’s a pandemic, baby.

“Like every-one else, I’ve been at home with idle hands.”

Lewis has got plans to get back into shape before getting back on stage.

He bought a spin bike costing £1895 and is forking out for fitness classes online.

“I’ve just bought a Peloton, the thing you do spin classes on," he told the Mirror.

“When I finish my quarantine exercising and we’re back into the world, I’m going to walk around with my top off all the time drenched in baby oil.

“My abs are going to be glistening.”

The star is preparing to release new tracks after falling head over heels for stunning student Catherine Halliday.

And the Scottish star has already penned a song in tribute to her, according to insiders.

A source said: “Lewis’s tracks are mostly about love again but this time finding it, not losing it. He’s smitten with Catherine and although it’s early days, she has a nod on one of the tracks he has written. Lewis mentions her hair and it’s really quite special. She’s made him realise how to be happy again."

“Lewis jokes a lot but as a songwriter he’s a huge talent. The songs are catchy and upbeat. It’s the same brilliant vocals and emotional lyrics but this time it’s got a lighter feel to it. Catherine was obviously made up there is a nod to her. She has something very special with Lewis.”

Lewis previously dated Love Islander Paige Turley, but their romance ended years before he found fame.


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