Lord Sugar says he’ll quit The Apprentice after 20 series in BBC bombshell

Lord Sugar has confirmed he plans to step down from hit BBC series The Apprentice.

The business tycoon has revealed he will call time on his boardroom duties after the 20th series.

Speaking frankly about his decision, Lord Sugar, 73, explained: "I said last year that I wanted to do 20 years.

"We would have been doing series 16 this year and I was happy to do four more."

However, despite agreeing to four more series the Amstrad boss says the final call rests with TV execs.

"Of course it is the BBC who will decide if they wish to do it," Lord Sugar continued.

"I fully understand they are in charge but if they wanted to do it, I think 20 years is a nice round figure."

Explaining why he is still a supporter over the show after over a decade and a half on air, Lord Sugar continued: "What motivates me is going back to my old days of starting a business from scratch.

"I love that idea of keeping my hand in and proving it can be done. It’s enjoyable, as simple as that."

Opening up about the range of winners and business partners he's had from the show, Piers Morgan's rival said: "They are all very different and they are all great people in their own way.

"You’ve got Tom the inventor, who is not a businessman but he has been made into one and he is great.

"You’ve got Dr Leah who now has three clinics and she has done very well.

"Ricky Martin has done exceptionally well in the recruitment industry too.

"My latest winner, Carina, has just opened up her second bake house and so she is doing well."

While a new series of The Apprentice won't air this year the BBC are filling the void with a 'best of' series.

The Apprentice Best Bits airs kicks off on October 1 at 9pm on BBC One

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