Love Island 2019: Episode 13 is unlucky for two couples. But mostly Joe…

Rejoice! Finally, after 13 episodes, we feel like we’re on a rollercoaster. We have overt sexual tension, new people seemingly every second day, couples that literally don’t know if they’re coming or going, and – MY – the disputes on Twitter are palpable.

The most contentious issue is the Amy vs Lucie debate. In case you were in any doubt, here is last year’s winner Dani Dyer with her two cents…

Let’s move on (if we can) from Amy’s mug when Joe had the AUDACITY to continuously pursue the woman he seems intent on hen-pecking into oblivion, and to tonight’s palaver.

Which couples felt unsafe at the prospect of being voted off by their fellow Islanders for “not being compatible”?

Speaking with Tommy, Molly-Mae said; “I do think we’re a bit in trouble. I think there will definitely be people picking us.”

Lucie, meanwhile, seemed to be living in that wonderfully positive place she can go to. She was comforting Joe who felt (because he’d been bleating about not being sure about her to anyone who’d listen the day previous) they were in danger by saying; “We’ve been here from the start. You can see there are true feelings.”

Yes, but it is those feelings that have viewers worried…


Yewande and Danny voted for… Tommy & Molly and Anton & Elma (Danny made her send the text, BTW)

Amber and Michael voted for… Joe & Lucie and Anton & Elma

Curtis and Amy voted for… Joe & Lucie and Anton & Elma

Molly and Tommy voted for… Joe & Lucie and Anton & Elma

Lucie and her captor voted for… Yewande & Danny and Anton & Elma

Anton and Elma voted for… Tommy & Molly and Yewande & Danny

So, Lucie and Joe have three votes and Anton and Elma have five.


Maura and Anna – plus all the other girls, along with Anton and Curtis – will have an appreciation for 29-year-old model Tom. What a jawline. Commendable.

While he and Anna had a nice date, he seemed rather more interested on Maura. Can’t imagine why…

He was particularly keen to delve into her feelings for ‘Tammy’.

In short, she’s so over him already, saying; “Don’t go there. I’m not into Tommy anymore.”

So, after Tom complimented her body, and offered to train her, Maura responded in kind and offered to share a bed with him. Standard.


• Maura is SO OVER being in a love triangle, that she’s willing to fight the girl she walked into the villa hand in hand with. Speaking with Lucie, she said; “She’s [Elma] going to get in the way. I don’t want to be in another triangle!”

Then, she went and had a bitch with Molly-Mae of all people. Maura’s a riot.

• Producers really need to play ‘Suck Cards or Faces’ again – it resulted in a three-way kiss between Anton, Elma and Maura. Well, a peck. Much to Anton and Maura’s rage.


• Anna likes both the boys because she WOULD. NOT. LEAVE. HER. HAIR. ALONE.

• Tommy is something of a slow mover. After a week of being coupled up together, Tommy finally kissed Molly-Mae. At this point, Maura would’ve sucked Yewande’s toe and had sex with Curtis.


But, the beautiful things is – you don’t have to save a couple, just an islander!

That means Joe will go. I can’t envisage many voting for him to stay. Can you?

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