Love Island exes Luke and Demi clash after explosive rant where she blamed new girl Lucie for their break-up

LOVE Island exes Luke Mabbott and Demi Jones are locked in a war of words after she spoke out about their break-up.

The former style advisor enraged her ex and his new girlfriend Lucie Donlan when she posted a video suggesting she was the reason they split.

She explained that she'd scrolled the Cornish surfer girl's profile for clues after they broke up during lockdown – saying she "put two and two together".

Demi said she was sent pictures of Luke and Lucie in Cornwall together from a fan "literally less than two weeks after the public break-up".

She added: "I went through all of Lucie's profile to see if there was anything on there that might see that they're together.

"I noticed all these cryptic captions with loads of 'shhh' emojis and butterflies and secret eyes.

"I put two and two together. Obviously they must have started talking during lockdown.

"He then wanted to meet up with her – or was already meeting up with her, I don't know – and that's why hewanted to suddenly cut it."

Today Lucie said she was "very upset" – calling the Demi's video "totally unnecessary and uncalled for".

And Luke spoke out too after the pair were bombarded by comments from internet trolls – saying Demi begged him to continue their romance for three more weeks after he called it off.

He said she asked: "Can you wait three weeks for my clothing brand to launch?"

Luke said: "I wasn't too happy about it but I did say yeah" but the news they have split slipped out anyway after he spoke to friends.

He added: "Me and Demi split up on 29 May. Lucie checked with me a couple of days or a week after to see if I was single.

"We went on a date 17 June and then we started going out in July. It'd just like to squish it now – get it over and done with."

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