Love Island: Maura breaks down in TEARS as new girl Francesca couples up with Curtis

Loe Island’s Maura Higgins was raging after new bombshell arrival Francesca Allen chose her love interest Curtis Pritchard to couple up with.

The Irish beauty was clearly unimpressed as she chose Curtis after being first to pick from her choice of boys during a dramatic recoupling on Thursday night, which saw Marvin being dumped from the villa.

The girls comforted Maura as she broke down in tears after having to dump Marvin from the villa while seeing Francesca and Curtis coupled up.

She confessed that the recoupling "hadn't gone the way she hoped" before Curtis took her aside in the bedrooms and insisted he wanted to get to know both of the girls.

Maura, meanwhile, has now ended up with new boy Chris Taylor, who entered the villa alongside Francesca.

Earlier in the show Maura had threatened to quit the show if Curtis pursued Francesca.

  • Love Island’s Maura Higgins threatens to QUIT the show if Curtis Pritchard pursues new girl Francesca Allen

When speaking to the other girls in the villa, Maura revealed that she will leave if she picked Curtis in the recoupling and he still wants to get to know Francesca.

She said: “If I choose him to couple up with and he still gets to know her, I swear to God I will pack my bags."

Earlier Maura and Curtis chatted on the beanbags about where his head is at when it comes to Francesca.

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Curtis tells Maura: "Francesca is a lovely young lady. "It'll be nice to get to know her. Is anything going to come of it? I quite like talking to you."

When Maura asks him if he wants to get to know her, he replies: "I don't know. I don't want to lie to you."

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