Love Island’s Maura goes to war with Molly-May and steals ‘smitten’ Tommy

Love Island new girl Maura Higgins lived up to her 'bombshell' tag as she strutted into the villa and blew it apart as the men forgot all about their partners watching upstairs to fawn over her.

The Irish stunner wasted no time in professing that all the hunks looked much hotter in real life, but it was boxer Tommy Fury that really caught her eye.

Despite the less than appetising starter he whipped up, the sportsman managed to charm Maura in other areas and the feeling was very clearly mutual.

But how will Maura fare when she's introduced to the other contestants – especially Tommy's current partner Molly-Mae Hauge.

Body language expert Judi James predicts fireworks between the two women as she describes Maura's connection to Tommy as the more genuine match.

"After a bit of a love-lull on the island, where the only excitement was watching ‘perfect’ Curtis tapping Amy with his finger like a naughty puppy to warn her not to be attention-seeking (Clearly the irony of being paired off with a girl on an attention-seeking reality show must have escaped him, or does he really think he’s on a motivational retreat?) two ‘high irritant’ girls arrived last night, primarily to wipe the smug ‘Three guys in the bag’ smile off Molly-May’s face.

"Irritants in the reality world are like the grain of sand in the oyster that creates the pearl. They go in to shake things up and Maura in particular wasted no time getting stuck in with Tommy, whose flirting with her looked about as cheesy as the ketchup open sandwich he’d made for her.

"Was her interest genuine? Her direct approach was in full contrast to Molly-May’s dithering and dangling of him, but then Tommy had told her ‘I’m open’, which is about as direct a chat-up as you can hear.

"Tommy’s dance of joy with Danny when they clapped eyes on the new girls suggested they were both instantly smitten visually, although we have seen the pleading, longing eye expression Tommy then used on her over the starters a couple of times already, over different girls. What we haven’t seen is his techniques get such an instant hit, with Maura asking him straight out if he’d like to pair off with her.

"The physical attraction did look genuinely mutual although also staged at the same time, like speed-dating where the guy’s current date is watching from the balcony. Both Tommy and Maura looked smugly happy, using a lot of intense eye contact, especially when he found out she is a ring girl.

"Looking down, Molly-May’s reaction did look genuinely furious despite the laughter. Tommy was obviously hers to take or not as she chose but watching him being snaffled made the cutely pretty smile die from her face and some un-cool swearing to break out.

"Her response could have been down to heartbreak but it’s more likely to be territorial, with the new girl coming onto her territory and trying to take one of her three alpha admirers. Either way there is no sign Molly will be suppressing her emotions by playing it cool and indifferent. The clip of tonight’s show suggested a display of anger with Tommy but that could be nothing compared to her simmering emotions against the invading Maura."

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