Love Island’s Sophie and Connor in huge bust-up as she tells him ‘I’m not your friend’ before dating his love rival – The Sun

LOVE Island's Sophie Piper gives 'controlling' Connor Durman a taste of his own medicine tonight, raging: "I'm not your friend."

The pair are shown having a bust-up, with him refusing to make her tea, before she grabs her sexiest outfit and heads off on a date with new boy Connagh Howard.

Tonight, the new boy whisks her away for a romantic vineyard date while Connor waits nervously back at the villa.

As Sophie trots off dressed up to the nines, he groans: "I'm f**king losing my s**t."

He tells the lads: “I’m a little bit [stressed]. Only because, it’ll just be interesting to see what they’re like. I did come across a bit childish.

"Obviously I want Sophie to be happy, but we had a good thing going. I’m excited to see her and see what she’s saying.

"It’s just hard isn’t it? But if she’s more happy with someone else then I’d rather her be happy with someone better suited.”

Meanwhile, on the date Sophie tells Connagh: “I feel like I am happy with Connor. But obviously we’re only a couple of days in so it would be silly to close myself off completely, so we’ll have to see how the next couple of days go.”

And she's not the only person he dates – with the new arrivals being allowed to pick two girls for dates in a shake-up to the rules.

When she gets back to the villa Sophie tells the girls about Connagh, saying: “Let me paint you a picture – he looks like Anthony Joshua’s brother. He’s 6ft3, he’s a model, he’s a good looking guy.”

Leanne reveals: “Connor’s been stressing here.”

But will she be pleased her boy is jealous or keen to get rid?

Last night, Love Island viewers were begged Rochelle Humes to intervene and somehow separate her sister Sophie from Connor after accusing him of controlling behaviour.

In tense scenes last night Connor reacted furiously to Sophie celebrating the imminent arrival of two new boys.

After whinging to the lads, he took Sophie to one side and made it clear he wasn't happy with her.

Disgusted by his manner, one viewer tagged Rochelle in their Twitter post, writing: "I hope @RochelleHumes is spotting the early warning signs of this Connor geezer and phoning producers to speak with her sister to back the F off quick!!!!!!

"this is the second time he's been a bit aggey in THREE OR FOUR DAYS They've known each other?!!!!!! #loveisland."

Another tweeted: "Connor is very MAD someone tell Rochelle to come get her sis she is in DANGER #LoveIsland."


Others slammed Connor as a "controlling psycho" after he lost his temper with Sophie for the second time.

The pair have been cuddled up from the first show and enjoyed kisses in bed last night.

But things turned sour when Connor spied Sophie with her hands in the air and a big smile on her face when it was announced two new boys are joining the villa.

Unable to let it go, Connor pulled Sophie for a chat – and it ended with him storming off in a huff.

Fans were furious about his reaction and said it was a "warning sign" for trouble ahead.

One said: "Connor is giving me all the psycho vibes, so controlling #Loveisland."

Another added: "Connor is a control freak warning signals from the start with him #getinthebin #LoveIsland."

Someone else joked: "Connor is a psycho! he will use those teeth to bite her as punishment in her sleep! #loveisland."

A viewer added: "Connor is winding me up, that’s the psycho behaviour. They haven’t known each other a week and he’s like that with her, she needs to run #LoveIsland."

Another warned: "Connor has psycho boyfriend vibes. Sophie, run! Sophie better get with 1 of the new boys. #LoveIsland."

Someone else claimed: "Connor needs to f*** off mate already acting like a controlling psycho #LoveIsland."

It's not the first time Connor has lost his cool.

The 25-year-old coffee bean salesmen snapped PA Sophie over her threesome joke just hours after entering the villa.

During a game of Truth or Lie, Connor boasted about having a threesome with a girl he went home with and her flatmate.

Sophie, 21, looked shocked by the revelation but didn't react.

But when Mike Boateng later said that he'd slept with less than 20 women she gestured at his partner Leanne Amaning and joked: "You've got yourself a keeper, not one that has a threesome on a first date."

Grumpy Connor immediately crossed his arms and recoiled away from Sophie, muttering: "You hate me tonight. You're hating me."

As the brunette beauty playfully protested, the hunk remained visibly annoyed as he added: "You're digging me out already, you are."

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