Mark Hamill Reacts to Arrest of a Man Named Luke Sky Walker: His Name Is 'the Real Crime'

Mark Hamill is forever tied to Luke Skywalker, and he doesn’t want anyone else facing the same fate.

The 67-year-old actor, who famously played the character in the Star Wars movies, tweeted early Sunday that he learned of the 21-year-old Tennessee man, who legally goes by “Luke Sky Walker” and was arrested Thursday for violating his probation.

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“The real crime here is Mr. & Mrs. Walker saddling this poor guy with that name in the first place,” Hamill wrote, adding the hashtags #MisbegottenMoniker and #AlsoTooShortForAStormtrooper.

According to local station WJHL, Walker’s probation followed a felony theft charge. In 2017, the Elizabethtown Star reported he was charged with stealing 46 road signs, but it’s unclear if this is the offense that led to his probation and therefore additional arrest.

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Hamill has been an active Twitter presence in recent years. Back in August, he made headlines for posting that he’d given misguided advice to Arnold Schwarzenegger back when the 71-year-old was considered “up and coming.”

“Arnold Schwarzenegger asked me for advice when he was just starting out,” he wrote. “I told him to lose his accent for a wider range of roles & to change his last name since no one could pronounce it.”

Hamill added of Schwarzenegger, “He did the opposite & became one of the biggest stars EVER.”

The father of three is known for his candid personality, having doled out a different Hollywood-related suggestion earlier in August. He thinks that President Donald Trump‘s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which was destroyed last month by a man with a pickaxe, should be replaced by a star for the late Carrie Fisher.

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After the West Hollywood City Council unanimously voted in favor of a resolution to permanently remove Trump’s star — a move that carries only symbolic weight since the council does not have jurisdiction over the Walk of Fame — Hamill tweeted, “How about replacing it with someone who really earned it? Like [Carrie Fisher].”

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