Nadiya's Asian Odyssey filming locations – Nepal and Thailand locations revealed

But, where exactly was the show filmed? Here's everything you need to know.

What are Nadiya's Asian Odyssey's filming locations?

Nadiya's Asian Odyssey sees the former Bake-Off winner take on an inspiring trip.

Following the revelation that she has traces of Cambodian and Thai ancestry according to her DNA, the star is ready to explore the region's culture and cuisine.

The series has been filmed across Thailand, Cambodia, and Nepal.


Nadiya travels across Columbia in the first episode of the two-parter series.

We see the famous baker at northern Cambodia's famous Angkor Wat temples and by the biggest lake in south east Asia.

She also visits a floating community, makes Cambodia's staple fish paste prahok, uncovers a bakery school for disadvantaged girls and helps make buttery.


Nadiya's journey takes her to Thailand next where she learns more about the country's tradition of eating insects during scenes shot in Bangkok.

She later heads east to Chanthaburi, known for its delicious noodles and investigates the Thai special; Pad Thai.

Her trip doesn't end there, as she also makes her way to the tiny island of Koh Sukhorn where she learns how to make a curry paste that's unique to the Muslim community.


In Kathmandu, she joins some locals to find out more about their traditional dishes and food choices.

She then travels to Bhaktapur that was infamously hit by a devastating earthquake in 2015 and meets a man determined to rebuild his destroyed home through selling their specialty yogurt.

Later, Nadiya meets Buddhist nuns in a closed abbey and cooks them a meal to say thank you after their inspiring chat.

The baking expert is also seen flying to the Annapurna mountains to trek through the village of Thini and help a charity.

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