Netflix Considers Eric Bana and Pablo Schreiber for ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’

After Netflix canceled a slew of its Marvel’s superhero shows, people may think that the streaming giant is done with such genre. However, it seems like Netflix is never planning to drop superhero series as it’s reported that it is starting the casting process for “Jupiter’s Legacy“.

That Hashtag Show reveals that the streaming service has set its eyes on some actors for Millarworld’s fantasy series. Among them are Pablo Schreiber and Eric Bana, who are eyed to play the Sampson brothers, who are the co-founders of the superhero team Union of Justice in the comic book series.. The site claims that Pablo is up for Brainwave/Walter Sampson with Pablo portraying the Utopian/Sheldon Sampson.

In addition, Morena Baccarin and Carrie Coon are among actresses included in a list that Netflix is allegedly looking at. The actresses are set to play Sheldon’s wife Grace a.k.a. Lady Liberty and supermodel daughter Chloe. Also expected to be featured on the planned project is Sheldon and Grace’s son Brandon, also known as Paragon.

Netflix acquired the rights to Mark Millar’s publishing company more than a year ago. “Jupiter’s Legacy” follows the generational conflict that arises the world’s first superheroes, who gained their powers in the 1930s to help better mankind, and their superpowered children who face the daunting task of matching their parents’ legacy.

The elder superheroes a.k.a. the Union of Justice has the Sampson brothers as their leaders. It will also explore themes related to social, political and economic difference among the heroes.

Rumor has it, Netflix is developing “Jupiter’s Legacy” as eight-episode series with each episode clocking at 1 hour each. Production reportedly will start in April 2019 as they are still deciding on a location. It’s said that it will likely be filmed in Chicago and Pittsburgh.

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