On The Next Episode Of 'Outlander' Jamie & Brianna Finally Meet

Spoiler Alert: plot lines from Season 4 are revealed below

Tomorrow is the Outlander episode that fans have been waiting for when Jamie and his daughter, Brianna, will finally meet in 18th century North Carolina, approximately eight years before the Revolutionary War.

Starz has been teasing and showing previews of the episode, called “The Birds and the Bees,” which finally brings the three central characters together. Outlander star Sam Heughan, who plays Jamie, has also posted teasers on his Twitter page with a tagline to get fans whipped up.

“It’s a meeting two centuries in the making.”

At the beginning of the clip, Brianna, who is still recovering from a recent trauma, says no when Lizzie tells her she needs to rest.

“Time is not on my side, Lizzie. I need to find my mother.”

The scene then shows Jamie and Claire on horseback, conversing about their lack of success in changing the future, foreshadowing the long-awaited meeting of the characters.

“We haven’t had much luck changing history in the past, Claire.”

Next, we see Jamie addressing someone who is just out of the scene, presumed to be Brianna.

“Have you a message for me, Lass?”

While Brianna has never seen a photo of her father, Jamie knows what Brianna looks like thanks to a picture that Claire brought back to the 18th century with her.

Even Heughan is getting in on the chat with fans, posting the message: “So excited for you to see this one….”

Entertainment Weekly reports that in a press release, Starz confirms that there will be a Fraser family reunion, but all will not go smoothly as the three have never been a family unit before, or even lived in the same century.

“Brianna will unite with her parents this Sunday and join them at Fraser’s Ridge, where dark secrets threaten to tear the Frasers apart.”

But there is no confirmation on whether or not Roger is reunited with Brianna and Claire, and finally introduced to Jamie in Wilmington, but with the arrival of the now married (or hand-fasted) Brianna and Roger, there are now two more confirmed time travelers in the Outlander series.

But the previews for Season 4 of Outlander indicate that fans of the show will meet yet another time traveler, as a character that has yet to be introduced moving through the stones.

“We haven’t met her just yet, but this season’s credits seem to suggest that season four will reveal yet another time traveler’s story. During the show’s theme song, we see what appears to be a female hand press against the stones.”

The latest episode of Outlander will be available for streaming at midnight tonight.

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