Ozark fans call out plot hole with the Snells' drug dealing on the lake and brutal plans to gut innocent civilian

OZARK fans have called out a plot hole involving the villainous Snell couple as they deal drugs on the lake and their brutal plans to gut an innocent civilian.

The husband and wife duo Jacob and Darlene Snell, played by Peter Mullan and Lisa Emery, were the Ozarks' resident drug OGs before Marty and Wendy Byrde moved in.

Right from the start of the series viewers watched as the pair inflicted their sociopathic and controlling processes on everyone around them.

One of their best manipulations was hijacking Pastor Mason Young’s sermons, which took place on the lake of the Ozarks, to distribute and sell their drugs.

But when the Snells discovered Marty, played by Jason Bateman, had offered the Pastor a place to preach on land.

After the Pastor discovers why some of his flock are being motivated to attend his sermons, the Snells warn him that unless he stays on the lake they will take deadly action. But he doesn’t listen.

The evil heroin dealers ended up killing his pregnant wife Grace but spared their son Zeke, leaving Pastor Mason to bring him up alone.

Although horrific and terrifying, some fans have pointed out that the Snells perhaps shouldn't have been so precious about dealing on the water.

Posting to Reddit, one Ozark fan asked: “I wonder about Snells' reasoning for throwing a tantrum when Marty 'ruined' his distribution service.

“He was so mad because apparently it is only safe to sell drugs on a lake and nowhere else, for example his farm? Or the woods? No, according to him, he could easily get caught when that happens.

“But in the episode before when the dead body was found by Marty and his wife, the sheriff was suspicious of Marty and wanted to do a proper investigation,

“But then somehow changed his mind and made clear to Marty's wife Wendy that he changed his mind for an obscure reason, so to me it appeared as if Mr Snell has some form of power over the sheriff.”

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