'RHOC' Twitter War: Tamra Judge and Kelly Dodd Feud Online

It all started when Tamra boasted about her new $2 million home in what she described as one of Orange County’s most prestigious gated communities.

If you thought the Season 14 premiere of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" was explosive, wait’ll you see what took place on Twitter immediately following.

By the looks of it, Tamra Judge and Kelly Dodd were in a good place when they filmed Episode 1, but Kelly clearly had an issue with the way Tamra boasted about her new $2 million home in what she described in a confessional as one of Orange County’s most prestigious gated communities, Coto de Caza. We’re fairly certain there’s more to the story, but here’s what transpired online between the co-stars.

(Note: Most of the tweets below have been removed from the ladies’ accounts.)

When a fan pointed out to Tamra that "2,000,000 is not ‘rich’ for that area," Kelly replied, "You can’t buy a tear down in Newport Beach for $2m. Coto is a nicer Temecula." (Temecula is a city in Southern California, surrounded by hillside vineyards and several golf courses.)

The comment did not sit well with Tamra, who fired back, "Do you own a house? I own 2."

A Kelly fan replied to Tamra by taking a shot at her parenting: "You own 2 homes…but at what cost? Not having contact with your daughter? Kelly would never choose #RHOC over Jolie."

"I would never!!!" Kelly maintained.

The ladies home-owning talk spiraled into a discussion about income, and it got very nasty very quickly.

Replying to a since-deleted tweet from a critic, Tamra said, "I pay for my houses. I don’t date old men for money."

Kelly fired back, "I sold my house for $5m dollars!! Lmfao!! I could pay for your house with cash!! Lmfao."

"You’re so blessed," Tamra replied. "I hope you buy you 5 million dollar home soon."

Kelly took the jabs one step further by bringing up Tamra’s age. (Tamra is 51; Kelly is 43.)

"And my boyfriend is your age!!" she tweeted her co-star. "So I guess you’re saying your old!! Lmfao."

Tamra simply replied, "Yup I’m old."

Fans continued to fuel the fire, with one commenting on the thread, "Well…Eddie maybe Eddie dated an old lady for…but ok." We’re not sure exactly where that sentence was going, but Kelly found it funny that it referenced the age gap between Tamra and her husband, Eddie Judge. (He’s 46).

"Hahahaha," Kelly replied.

Another fan echoed Kelly’s earlier statement about Tamra’s gated community, writing, "Coto is inland, just like Ladera Ranch and Rancho Santa Margarita. I’d much rather live in Newport or Corona Del Mar."

Feeling vindicated, Kelly replied, "Thank you."

Later on in the evening, Tamra tweeted, "I rest my case…gold digger!"

Although it’s not certain what Tamra was referring to, Kelly did receive a pair of rose-gold, rain-drop diamond earrings from her then-boyfriend-of-three-months, Dr. Brian Reagan, the plastic surgeon who did her breast augmentation. He gave them to her in his office.

To Dr. Reagan’s face, Kelly was grateful and put the earrings on right away. In her confessional, she was grateful it wasn’t a ring "because that’s not the way I wanna be proposed to. I would probably say no in a small office like this."

On behalf of less-fortunate fans everywhere, one person tweeted out, "I wish I had the privilege of complaining about my multi-million dollar house the way [Kelly] & [Tamra] do," to which Kelly replied, "She cutting me down that I’m renting my beach shack. But I’d rather live on the beach than have a McMansion in BFE."

She may have missed the point, but the digs did not stop there.

Replying to one of Kelly’s since-deleted tweets, Tamra said, "Let’s compare income? If it bothers you that much."

In another since-deleted tweet, Kelly replied, "Take ur own cbd & relax. Michael [Dodd] was the president of many public companies & I was left with a windfall not a salary u rely on soley…who did you marry? A spin instructor? When you time runs out on the show #youarenext let’s see if your husband sticks around!! #sugarmama."

When the two tweets above were shared by a "RHOC" fan account on Instagram, Tamra replied, "Why is she talking about Michaels income? What’s her career? Eddie was in [the] legal industry when I met him and now runs two companies that we own together. 10 loving years together. Move on Krazy."

But back to Twitter. "What is Kelly’s real Job?" a fan asked Tamra on her "let’s compare income" tweet.

"I think we all know the answer to that," she fired back.

"Don’t bring Eddie into it," someone asked of Kelly on the same thread. "The poor guy has a heart condition. You two cat fight all you want but leave the men out of it."

"She brought my boyfriend into it," Kelly barked back.

Another critic of almost all the stars of the show pointed out that Gina Kirschenheiter is "not a wife," Kelly is "not a wife and [has] no house," Shannon Beador is "not a wife" and Vicki Gunvalson is "not a wife. Real ‘Housewives’??? Am I missing something?"

All the ladies were tagged, but only Kelly replied. "I can buy a house in cash just look at my net worth," she clapped back. "Is [the cast of "Real Housewives of New York"] MARRIED?? What do you not get…I’ll be married shortly."

After one person shamed Kelly for "renting" an apartment that "looked so budget," one of her fans maintained that "that’s what people who are smart with money do. Live below their means and aren’t all flash no cash. Mortgages don’t mean [shit]."

"Big hat no cattle," Kelly replied.

And last but not least (for now), one of Kelly’s fans urged her to not "stoop" to Tamra’s level. "She has to find a new target every season to keep her spot on this show," the message read. "Next season she will be a friend just like her Amiga [Vicki]."

"Sage advice!" Kelly responded. "Thank you."

"The Real Housewives of Orange County" airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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