RHONJ's Dolores Catania wants BFF Teresa Giudice OFF the show

RHONJ's Dolores Catania feels Teresa Giudice is stealing her thunder and wants her OFF the show, a source has exclusively told The Sun.

The reality TV favorite, who has been friends with Teresa, 48, for years, is allegedly tired of her being the center of attention and wants to take more of the spotlight.

"Dolores has been complaining to friends about Teresa," an insider told The Sun. "She actually wants her off the show.

"Dolores knows she has no power to make that happen and seems very frustrated. 

"She is tired of her being the center of attention and feels she overstayed her welcome."

The informant added that Dolores has been "petty" and talking behind BFF Teresa's back, insisting she is still in love with ex Joe but refuses to admit it.

"She claims Teresa is just being really fake and is still in love with Joe," the source said.

"She claims she would do anything to be back together with him but is using their break up to keep her storyline exciting.

"Dolores' friends believe she is just scared her philanthropic storyline isn't exciting enough so she's feeling insecure and is talking badly about Teresa."

They added: "Teresa obviously wouldn't like it if she knew about Dolores' wishes but she doesn’t feel like Dolores is a threat.”

The women's friendship runs deep, with Dolores, 49, previously telling The Daily Dish about their life-long bond.

But sources say there are now cracks appearing as they battle it out for the limelight.

"I've known Teresa so long I have actually a specific memory, like here I am nine months pregnant from my daughter, Gabrielle who's now gonna be 21 in September," she previously recalled.

"I was the first to get married and here's my cousin Tanya and Teresa [Gorga] coming over to hang out at my Shore house, getting ready to go to Temptations. I mean, OK, if that's not a flashback."

Dolores joined the show back in Season 7 as Teresa's longtime pal in 2016, and insiders say she thinks the show needs freshening up with the newer cast members given more air time.

Meanwhile, she's looking her best for the next season after revealing she got a tummy tuck and liposuction after eating too much McDonald's.

"I've been up and down with my weight and my elasticity on my skin has gotten shot and well, I'm not going to kill myself over this because it is what it is, but I eat McDonald's, I didn't work out for a long time and whatever…" she said.

The star used the time while Bravo suspended production on season 11 of the show to have the surgery.

Filming for season 11 started back in March; however, they only got about a week in before the plug was pulled due the Coronavirus pandemic. The cameras are now rolling again.

The Sun contacted Dolores and Teresa's reps for comment.

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