Sadiq Khan grilled on GMB over London second wave plans ‘What about confidence in YOU?’

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Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, 49, joined Kate Garraway, 53, and her Good Morning Britain co-host Ben Shephard, 45, to discuss several matters about the coronavirus crisis. The Labour Party member explained he still hasn’t had direct contact with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, 55, despite reports the Government is planning to lockdown the nation’s capital, with the M25 working as a boundary. However, even with the lack of communication between the political figures, Garraway wanted to know if London would be ready for the plans the Conservatives are reportedly putting into place and when the guest seemed to dodge the question, she pushed a bit harder.

Mr Khan said: “It’s really important we’re kept in the loop. I think one of the things you need to do in a crisis is to have clear messages and to make sure there is consistency of the messaging.

“What we’re seeing is it appears decisions are being taken aloof – lockdown announcements being made on Twitter at 11pm – the day before Eid.

“And those sorts of things don’t lead to the public having confidence – I want Londoners to have confidence,” he continued before the host interjected.

Garraway asked: “What about confidence in you and the city being ready? I’m sorry – not meaning to interrupt you – but it’s very clear the communication for you has been troublesome.”

The Mayor of London then went on to answer in earnest as he replied: “We desperately need to know what the game plan is.”

“Is the Government talking about geographical lockdown? I think we’d be ready to have lockdown of institutions if we, god forbid, had an increase to do with a factory or a school,” Mr Khan continued.

“We’d have good plans with the councils to close down buildings but that we’d have more difficulty with is closing down geographical areas.

“Say, for example, there was a case of the virus spreading between two or three of four boroughs – you’ve seen in the papers the Government talking about closing down the entirety of London.

“Kate, we’re served by four airports and the Eurostar so if they talked to me, talked to London leaders, we could explain one of the complexities and work through them.

“None of this is insurmountable, but let’s work together,” the Mayor of London added.


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