Spoilers: Corrie pictures reveal Blackpool bus crash drama

Rita Tanner (Barbara Knox) never has much luck with transport when she pays a visit to Blackpool and her latest venture there next year is set to be no different, when she finds herself in an out of control bus – leading to an ambulance being needed on the scene. Has she caused a crash or managed to avert disaster?

The scenes being filmed recently have involved the beloved character in the seaside resort alongside pals like Sally Metcalfe (Sally Dynevor), Mary Taylor (Patti Clare), Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) and Sean Tully (Antony Cotton).

Over Christmas, luckless Rita will be left feeling lonely and isolated as she prepares to face the festive season by herself. And disaster strikes when she is decorating her Christmas tree and it falls, leaving her trapped for over a day before she is eventually found.

It looks like Rita’s pals have taken action in 2020 to show her how valued she is but as she is taken on a day trip to Blackpool, disaster strikes and someone could be badly hurt.

A source told Metro.co.uk: ‘Rita finds herself grappling to get a coach stopped as it heads out of control on a fun day trip to Blackpool.  With Mary by her side she manages to bring it to a standstill.

‘An ambulance is called as Sean makes a dash to the paramedics who make their way to the injured.’

It remains to be seen if any of our show favourites are injured by the runaway coach but it seems that Rita may be hailed a hero.

Of course, this isn’t her first near miss in Blackpool. Decades ago, she found herself chased by her abusive patner Alan Bradley onto the tram lines. She narrowly avoid being struck by the tram but violent Alan was killed in one of Corrie’s most notorious episodes.

Let’s hope there’s no fatality this time.

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