'Teen Mom 2': Is Jenelle's Divorce a Last-Ditch Effort to Get Back on TV?

JenelleEvans announced that she was filing for divorce from her husband, DavidEason, on Oct. 31. The couple celebrated their second wedding anniversary inSeptember. The notoriously troubled couple has broken up several times over theyears, but if Evans is to be believed, this breakup is the real deal. Thereason behind her decision, however, is being questioned. Is the divorce Evans’last-ditch attempt to get her face back on TV? Some people think so.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason have always had a rockyrelationship

News of the split shocked fans and Teen Mom 2 viewers,but not because the couple seemed happy together. In fact, Evans and Eason havehad an incredibly toxic and rocky relationship for years. They’ve broken up andreconciled several times over the years. Most recently, Evans left Eason backin May 2019 when the father of three shot and killed the family dog. Shereturned to Eason several days later and seemingly doubled-down on the marriage,even during an ensuing custody battle stemming from thedeath of Nugget.

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After returning to her husband and getting axedby MTV, Evans started a campaign to attempt to make Eason look good. Sheposted pictures on Instagram, defended him on Twitter and took to media outletsto insist everything was fine with her marriage. The failure of her makeupbusiness and potential financialtroubles seem to have been the last straw, at least for now.

Is the divorce for financial gain?

Evans’ decision to divorce Eason is seemingly for financial reasons,at least that’s what alleged inside sources are telling the media. RadarOnline has reported that an insider claims that Evans decided to leaveEason so she could get her life back on track. It appears that Evans’ first stepis to get her job back.

Themother of three famously reported that she made $400,000 per season on TeenMom 2. When she was fired, she lost pretty much all of her income. Easonis famously unemployed, save for a random knife-forging business he launched severalmonths back. Before meeting Evans, Eason was a welder. He has not had gainfulemployment, not directly linked to Evans since the pair met, it seems.

The source claims the family is so low on cash that Easondoesn’t even have money for gas. If Evans divorces thetroubled North Carolina native, she could potentially get her job back. Thedoor for Evans doesn’t seem totally closed with MTV, but it’s unlikely the productionteam will even entertain her unless Eason is entirely out of the picture.

If the rumors are correct, thenEvans’ decision to divorce is a strategic one. It is likely the only option shehas left to make some money quickly. Her makeup line was a complete failure,and in recent weeks she removed all clickbait from her social media profiles. Thefate of thecouple’s property remains unknown.

Farrah Abraham has opinions about Jenelle’s divorce

Once-friend, now frenemy, FarrahAbraham, has thoughts about Evans’ decision to divorce Eason. The mother ofone, who left Teen Mom OG, due to her interest in the adult entertainmentindustry, insists that she has long thought Evans needed to kick Eason to the curb.She, however, seems to have a problem with the decision if Evans has made the movejust to get back on television.

According to OK! Magazine, Abraham alleges that she’stold Evans that she needs to divorce Eason for the betterment of herself, herchildren, and even Eason. The former star told Ok!Magazine “Willthings change when she gets a divorce just to go back to TV? I’m just a littlebit confused about her real intentions, Is it for her safety, her health, andeveryone’s wellbeing or is it just to get back on TV?”

Shewent on to claim that she’s tired of seeing Evans’ self-destructive patternsgetting airtime. For the ten years that Evans stared on Teen Mom 2, fanswatched her continuously find herself in stressful situations and wrapped upwith troubled men. If a reintegration into TeenMom 2 is in the cards, would fans see more of the same? Abraham seems tothink so.

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