Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham's fans plead for her to stop 'doing things' with her face after bizarre $600 Forma facial

TEEN MOM alum Farrah Abraham has been hit with concern from her Instagram fans after forking out for a pricey facial.

The MTV star took to her page to document her latest skincare treatment, a Forma facial, which saw gel applied to her cheeks before a black wand was massaged across them.

Farrah, 29, filmed herself enjoying the $600 procedure performed by Dr Raheleh Sarbaziha, while singing along to Selena Gomez track, Feel Me.

Her hair was tied back in a low ponytail and she wore a snug fleece top as she lay on the treatment table.

The mom referred to the song as she added the video caption: "Cheeky 💋 want you to feel me ☺️ @adrine.aestheticrn @doctorrahimd #facecontour #bestskinever #skintightening #skincare #facial #dermatology #pores #be."

In a later message, she hailed the salon: "One of my fav places 💖🌟."

Yet Farrah's latest expenditure on the new non-invasive procedure, which aims to increase collagen production in the face, left some fans pleading for her to be content.

One commented underneath: "Learn to love yourself. You're barely recognizable."

Another wrote: "Please just stop doing things with your face. You are beautiful the way you are!!!!!"

A third then mused: "At some point you need to be just satisfied with how you look.

"Very pretty but don't push the surgery or treatments too far!"

Another less understanding Instagram follower added: "She's desperate for attention! She looks older than her mom. I feel so sorry for her daughter!"

This summer, Farrah also came under fire from fans suggesting she was "desperate" to pose topless and wearing a thong while undergoing surgery.

She filmed herself getting the "body contouring" done to the tune of MC Hammer's U Can't Touch This.

She captioned it: "Best butt & tummy your [sic] ever going to have ladies!"

Farrah's followers were less than impressed with her post, with one writing: "This is our children's future with social media."

The Omaha-born star hit back: "No this is a woman sharing health and wellness. Seems to be people really need it for a healthier life!"

She is no stranger to stripping off on social media, and earlier this summer twerked in the pool in a G-string bikini.

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