The Battle Between Roku And NBCUniversal Intensifies, As Channels Are Pulled

After a series of escalating disagreements between Comcast-owned NBCUniversal and Roku, the latter has issued an announcement that as soon as Friday night and sometime throughout the coming weekend, 11 national Comcast “TV Everywhere” channels, which are available to pay-TV subscribers, will be disappearing off streaming players.

In an announcement sent to all customers, a Roku spokesperson said, “Comcast is removing these channels in order to try to force Roku to distribute its new Peacock service on unreasonable terms… While these NBC TV Everywhere apps represent a very small number of streaming hours on our platform, we believe they are convenient to people who use them, especially when so many Americans are at home.”

The move seems to be a retaliation against well-documented disputes over NBCUniversal’s Peacock and sharing of ad inventory–rights to resell services in channel stores and free content for an ad-supported platform–with Roku. An NBCU rep told Variety that “Roku’s unreasonable demands ultimately hurt both their consumers and their consumer equipment partners to whom they’ve promised access to all apps in the marketplace.”

If you’re still wondering about Peacock and what it has over other new streaming platforms, you can check out our review of it here.

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