The Mummy Diaries fans slam 'selfish' Paul Knightley for refusing to send son to nursery and wanting to 'keep him inside'

During last night's episode of The Mummy Diaries, viewers watched on as Sam Faiers and Paul discussed the topic of sending their son, three-year-old Paul, to nursery while on a double date with Billie Faiers and Greg Shepherd.

Bringing the conversation up, Billie, 28, gently put her point across that baby Paul would benefit from interaction with other children and being away from his parents, before the time comes for him to go to school.

She said: "You know by sending him nursery, it's going to help him out in the long run with school.

"I just think it's really important that he goes before he starts school."

However, Paul had other ideas and was keen to voice his own opinions on the topic.

He said: "I would just personally rather have him indoors.

"I like to have him at home with us, that's just me.

"Even if you were to be like two days a week you've got to do this with him, I would rather do it with him."

However, Billie didn't seem to agree with Paul's comments as she announced: "You're not being selfish, but in a way you are because that's what you want.

"I think actually he would love to mix with other children."

Agreeing with Billie, fans soon took to social media to vent their anger following Paul's comments.

One wrote: "As a nursery practitioner, I could not disagree with Paul on the mummy diaries anymore!! It does children the world of good having time away from their parents and being able to play with other children.. Paul is s being very selfish. #themummydiaries"

Another said: "Paul “I didn’t go to pre school and I went to school and I cried” maybe cause you didn’t go to pre school  love Billie  #MummyDiaries"

A third agreed, saying: "Billie is speaking so much sense. Baby Paul will have the shock of his life at school. Big Paul is just being selfish #MummyDiaries"

This isn't the first time fans have been angered by Paul's comments regarding his son joining nursery either, as he was seen arguing with Sam about the topic in last week's episode.

The couple bickered while out on a romantic meal in Sardinia.

At the time, Paul was persistent with putting his opinion across that the tot didn't need to go, saying: "I think anyone will agree with me, children just want to be indoors in their own environment, playing with their own stuff.

"He's got such a nice life really that why is he going to want to go anywhere else?"

The outcome of the discussion was not clear however, as Sam told the camera at the end of the episode: "We can't afford to be falling out over it, we need to stay together, be strong and just be happy, whatever the outcome is."

In the final scenes of last night's show Sam revealed that next year was set to be a big year, as she and Paul were to make their decision about the next steps for baby Paul.

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