The Perfect Date soundtrack: Where can you find songs from the Netflix movie?

Every experience deserves its own soundtrack. From a bad day at work, a tough moment in school, first date, or just driving in the car, songs instantly come to mind that bring those memories to life.

Films in the vein of Bring it On, She’s All That, and Can’t Hardly Wait in the ’90s movie era triggered memories of experiencing those films the moment viewer heard certain songs. Same with flicks from the ’80s like The Breakfast Club and Say Anything — cue John Cusack raising the boom box.

Netflix’s new original The Perfect Date is an example of this. But where can fans find this soundtrack? Here is how to find the music from the movie.

How to find The Perfect Date soundtrack?

From the look of it, The Perfect Date currently lacks a way to purchase the soundtrack on any platforms like iTunes or Google Play. However,  What’s On Netflix was kind enough to organize the music from the soundtrack for fans who want to listen on Spotify.

The playlist features a number of artists including The Killers, Electric Youth, Yuno, and a whole lot more. Here is the playlist below:

What is The Perfect Date about?

The film itself has that common cliche that is seen from teen romances where a boy is forced to date a girl who cannot find a date — and in real life would not have any issues finding one (She’s All That comes to mind).

Noah Centineo plays Brooks — a young man paid to be a chaperone for Ceila — a young girl who can’t find a date. After the date goes well, she helps him make the chaperone idea into a business.

The problem is that he doesn’t notice her worth until the two get close, and then — “Zoinks Scoobs” — he liked her the whole time. But of course, it’s not easy because he has another love interest as well.

Given the success of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, this should be an awesome watch for fans who fell in love with Noah Centineo. And the added bonus of a quality soundtrack helps as well.

The Perfect Date can be streamed on Netflix for all romantics right now.

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