The real reason Jameela Jamil can’t stand Ellen DeGeneres

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that Jameela Jamil isn’t shy! The British actress, model, writer, and body-positive activist will take on any celebrity or public figure who opposes her beliefs. A common target for Jamil is the Kardashian clan, especially when they endorse products that Jamil says promote diet culture, such as appetite suppressants. In fact, Jamil has called out the famous family so many times that The Washington Post had to compile a timeline of their feuds.

But Jamil’s outspoken call-outs go beyond body positivity. She’s also vocal about politics, and this was the root of her disagreement with talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres. It’s worth mentioning that DeGeneres herself has been embroiled in so many feuds that there’s a long list of celebrities who can’t stand her. As we add Jamil to this list, know that the reason for their feud is a little unexpected. Here’s what went down.

Jameela Jamil criticizes one of Ellen DeGeneres' friendships

Back in October 2019, Ellen DeGeneres was spotted with her wife Portia de Rossi at a Dallas Cowboys football game, sitting next to none other than former President George W. Bush and wife Laura Bush, according to The Washington Post.

The two couples seemed very pleasant to one another, which took many fans by surprise, since Bush “once endorsed a constitutional amendment against same-sex marriage,” per The Washington Post. DeGeneres later defended her warmth towards the Bush couple, saying she can be friends with people who have differing beliefs, per BBC News.

Jameela Jamil, for her part, at first responded in support of DeGeneres and her warmth towards the former president. However, after noting the angry online reaction from fans, she changed her tune, per HuffPost.

In a since-deleted tweet, Jamil said: “Ooooof learning today about the full extent of Bush’s heinous presidency… we weren’t taught much about him at school, we just heard he was stupid…(we were dealing with our own epic nightmare of a prime minister back then). What a monstrous leader. I now understand the rage…” (via HuffPost). According to the outlet, Jamil was referring to the British prime minister Tony Blair.

Based on this interaction, it seems that Jamil and DeGeneres may not see completely eye-to-eye on certain issues. But by now, each one of these stars is well-accustomed to public backlash.

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