The Trial of Christine Keeler: Where is Spring Cottage? Was it linked to Profumo Affair?

The Profumo Affair is at the centre of BBC series The Trial of Christine Keeler, which is currently airing on Sunday evenings on the channel. The series follows the aftermath of what happened from the perspective of Christine Keeler (played by Sophie Cookson) and those close to her as well as the origins of what happened, including where they first met.

Where is Spring Cottage in The Trial of Christine Keeler?

The Trial of Christine Keeler is drawing to its close on the BBC as viewers find out the impact of the Profumo Affair on those involved.

The show tells the story of the early 1960s affair between Keeler and the then Minister for War John Profumo (Ben Miles).

Viewers learn about what happened before and after the scandal broke through a number of flashbacks to the early meetings.

Through these viewers learn how the pair met at the Spring Cottage in 1961 when they were introduced by Stephen Ward (James Norton).


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Spring Cottage is also mentioned a number of other times in the series.

This includes when Ward was asked by Lord Astor (Michael Maloney) to return the keys to him after he was being investigated by the police.

This has led some fans to wonder exactly where this was and what its importance was.

Spring Cottage is part of the Cliveden House estate in Buckinghamshire.

Located near the Burnham and Taplow, the estate has previously been home to a Prince of Wales and two Dukes.

The estate then fell into the care of the Viscounts Astor family.

The home went on to play a huge part in the origins of the Profumo Affair.

On the weekend of 8 and 9 July, 1961, the third Viscount Astor, William was hosting a small house party with Profumo and his wife Valerie Profumo (Emilia Fox).

However, on the same weekend, Ward was also hosting a party with his friends Keeler and Yevgeny Ivanov (Visar Vishka) at his house on the estate, Spring Cottege.


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At the time, Ward was Cliveden House’s resident osteopath after Astor began to rent it to him in 1956.

The cottage is located down the riverbank from the main house in the estate and houses a swimming pool.

According to the National Trust, on the weekend in 1961 as it was a hot day, Profumo and Astor headed down to the swimming pool where they met the other party.

As viewers saw in the show, this was reportedly how Ward and Keeler first met.


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The pair went on to have a brief affair, which would only come to light in 1963 with great impacts for all of these involved.

The Astors continued to live at Cliveden house until the early 1970s when it was leased to Stanford University, which used it as an overseas campus.

Today, the house is used as a five-star hotel as well as being looked after by the National Trust.

Famously, Meghan Markle and her mother Doria Ragland stayed at the home on the eve of her wedding to Prince Harry.

The Trial of Christine Keeler continues on Sunday on BBC One at 9pm.

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