There's, Uh, "Evidence" That the Jellyfish on 'Masked Singer' Is Billie Eilish

As if this week isn’t chaotic enough, The Masked Singer decided it would be a good idea to go ahead with a new episode. Which means now—on top of doom-scrolling—everyone is being re-introduced to our menacing tentacled friend, the Jellyfish!

Obviously, we need to send numerous thoughts and prayers to whatever celebrity is trapped inside that thing. And speaking of said celebrity, there are already some pretty solid theories about who this gelatinous creature really is. Well, to clarify, people have convinced themselves it’s Billie Eilish, so when I say “solid,” I mostly mean far-fetched and out of touch.

The Clues

The Masked Singer released an extremely scary animated clue package for the Jellyfish, which will likely curse you if you watch it with both eyes. Therefore, I’ll just go ahead and break down the biggest moments to spare you any extra stress during this already !!!!! week. Things to note:

The Theories

Billie Eilish

I know. I KNOW. But despite the likelihood of very famous A-lister Billie Eilish being on this show hovering around -100%, people simply think the clues add up. Little-ish could be a reference to Eil-ish, that the flower crown might be a reference to the song “You Should See Me in a Crown,” and then there’s the fact that Billie’s literal song lyrics are featured in the clue package. Plus, we all know neon green is her signature color.

So we all aren’t even gonna try to guess anything but Billie Eilish for jellyfish right? #MaskedSinger

The jellyfish is Billie eilish #TheMaskedSinger @MaskedSingerFOX

If the jellyfish is anybody other then Billie Eilish I’ll eat my own foot. there has been billie vibes since the costume reveal! No one does neon green like billie. #MaskedSinger

If Jellyfish isn’t Billie Eilish idk #maskedsinger

I think billie eilish is the jellyfish on the masked singer. The green. The ocean (ocean eyes) her lyrics on the board. She’s performed at coachella. And you should see me in a crown. #TheMaskedSinger #JellyfishMask

Jellyfish on the masked singer is literally Billie Eilish why haven’t they figured that out

Jellyfish is @billieeilish … fav color is neon green, bad guy lyrics on the sign #MaskedSinger



On top of ALL THAT, fans think the Jellyfish sounds like Billie in this performance:

In case you aren’t convinced, there are two other theories that make some semblance of sense….

Charli D’Amelio

Most of the clues don’t really fit IMO, but some fans lurking in the YouTube comments think the Jellyfish is Charli thanks to that animated angelfish—which could be a reference to Charli’s Angels. And of course the social media hints add up!

Marsai Martin

Fans are pointing to the fact that Marsai was in the movie Little, while the -ish could be a reference to Black-ish (which she starred in). Plus, she’s super active on Insta with 2.6 million followers.

Jellyfish is Marsai Martin, I feel it in my bones! #TheMaskedSinger #MaskedSinger

Honestly, Marsai seems most likely to me, but my fingers are crossed for you, Billie stans. Dream big, friends!

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