Towie’s James Lock reveals he’s ditched partying and booze to rescue rocky relationship with ‘pregnant’ Yazmin Oukhellou

TOWIE'S JAMES Lock has revealed that he has ditched partying and booze in a bid to rescue his rocky relationship with "pregnant" girlfriend Yazmin Oukhellou.

The 33-year-old lothario, also known as Lockie, has swapped wild nights out for morning meditation in a last ditch effort to save his romance.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online, James insisted: "I'm a changed man; I've realised I need to grow up and be a man not a boy.

"It has been a long time coming but I am ready to settle down, I can’t be the party boy anymore – Yaz and I have both quit the booze and are on a detox for our relationship.

"I've also started to meditate for ten minutes every morning. I've also started listening to positive thinking and inspirational podcasts, It really does clear my head and mind and makes me feel so much better.

"I can be a very passionate and irate person so this just helps me to chill out a bit and to be calmer. Moving forward I want to focus on Yaz, my own mental health, and business. Those are my three priorities now."

The comments come just days after the latest episode of The Only Way Is Essex, which ended on a cliff-hanger as Yazmin told Lockie that she could be pregnant.

In a teaser for the next instalment of the ITVBe reality show, fans watched as Yazmin hid a Clearblue test in her bag at Gatsby's birthday party and told her stony-faced boyfriend: "I don't know how to say this, but I potentially could be pregnant".

The pair only recently got back together after splitting in August 2019 over claims he had cheated while they were on a romantic holiday together in Turkey.

The on/ off couple reconciled in July of this year after 11 months apart – and while Lockie has denied cheating he did admit to "taking the piss" with Yaz.

He told us: "I wasn't being a respectful boyfriend and that's why we broke up.

"I have come back a changed man, I know what is important and what I want.

"We have a different aura around us at the moment. Everyone can tell we are different.

"Her jealousy is not there anymore because I'm treating her right – I admit I was taking the piss before."

Despite things being good for the couple at the moment, the Essex boy went on to confess that this is going to be their last attempt at a romance.

He explained: "If it doesn't work this time we will have to call it quits.

"We can't keep flogging a dead horse, although this time I honestly believe it will last.

"I think that's the thing with positive thinking. I'm not letting negative thoughts or doubts get in my head – I'm just believing everything I want to achieve will work. 'No' isn't in my vocabulary at the moment."

Since joining the hit reality show back in 2013 Lockie has built a reputation as Towie's biggest party animal, but he claimed he would now leave the playboy partying to his best pal Pete Wicks.

He added: "I had a good innings partying but it is time to grow up. I can't be Peter Pan all my life. I'll leave that to Pete Wicks. He can be Peter Pan.

"You can waste so much time partying and dating girls, it is time to realise what is important in life and grow up and that's what I'm doing with Yaz."

TOWIE continues Wednesdays and Sundays at 9pm on ITVBe.

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