Vicky Pattison terrified after stranger spits at her on the street

VICKY Pattison has been left terrified after she was attacked and spat in the street.

The Geordie Shore star, 32, had been on a photo shoot in Notting Hill, West London, when a passer by took umbrage to the I’m A Celeb 2015 Queen and started to “take the p***” out of her by “pouting and posing and laughing”.

Things turned sour when Vicky smiled back and acknowledged her which the woman reacted by showing her the middle finger before spitting at her.

Vicky told The Sun she was shook up over the incident but wouldn’t be reporting it to police.

She said: “I was just sat outside a coffee shop doing a promo I was a bit embarrassed when  someone came over looking for selfies. 

“Then she started giving me the finger before she spat at us. 

“I’m in shock I thought this was a nice neighbourhood.”

Vicky told her Instagram followers about the harrowing incident while modelling her latest make-up range, that happened earlier today.

She said: “So we are doing some street style shooting today on location because the whole vibe is edgy.

“So against my better judgement we’re in Notting Hill because it’s super pretty.

“I’d heard rumours that the people were less than hospitable with people who want to take pictures, well nothing could’ve f***ing prepared me for what has just happened.

“So I’m sitting outside a coffee shop, minding my own business, just bought a coffee, bought a little muffin, just taking a quick picture. We’re super apologetic because we know people are going about their every day life.

“Anyway some woman starts taking the p*** out of us, pouting and posing and laughing. I get it I look like a bit of a k***. So I started laughing back and give her a wave.

“So she starts going like this, giving us the finger.

“I was like, ‘Oh my god that’s a bit intense’.

“And then when I laughed she spat at me.

“Spat at me in the middle of a global f***ing pandemic.”

Spitting at someone is deemed by the police as an assault and can land offenders in prison.

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