Watch Stephen Colbert, James Corden Celebrate ‘Game of Thrones’ Finale

Stephen Colbert and James Corden marked the end of Game of Thrones on their respective late-night programs Monday.

Colbert opened The Late Show with an “extended” version of Brienne of Tarth’s controversial final scene, in which she plays up Jaime Lannister’s exploits in the Book of Brothers, despite the way he cruelly ditched her. In the bit, Brienne cheekily admits that when she slept with Jaime, she was aware that he’d also slept with his sister, Cersei. “And yes, incest is a red flag, but what can I say?” Brienne jokes. “I’m turned on by a metal hand. Turns out the Tin Man did have a heart, as well as other organs.”

Colbert also discussed the finale during his recurring segment “Meanwhile.” He noted that counselors have made themselves available to talk about the show’s ending to distraught fans, while he also cracked that HBO executives seem rattled now that their flagship program has ended. “[They’re] frantically trying to write a dragon into Big Little Lies,” Colbert cracked. “I’m telling you, Meryl Streep can play anything.”


On The Late Late Show, Corden joked that the show’s ending also marks the end of countless tenuous friendships that have been held together for years by a single HBO password. The host also singled out the stray water bottle sharp-eyed fans caught in one scene just weeks after an anachronistic coffee cup was spotted in a previous episode.

“I’ve gotta say this never would’ve happened under Queen Cersei,” Corden quipped. “A couple of weeks ago it was a coffee cup, this week it’s a water bottle — I’m just glad they ended the show before accidentally replacing the Iron Throne with a keg of Keystone Light.”

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