What happens to Oliver in Coronation Street?

LEANNE Battersby and Steve McDonald were full of hope last night in Coronation Street (October 27) when their son Oliver responded to the slamming of a door.

But doctors have insisted that Oliver – who has been diagnosed with an incurable form of mitochondrial disease – is going to die no matter what. So what’s going to happen to the toddler? Here’s the lowdown…

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Is Oliver’s condition improving in Corrie?

Leanne and Steve were left hopeful that Oliver’s condition was improving after he responded to the slamming of a door during an argument last night (October 27) on the soap. 

But Dr Howarth was quick to explain that Oliver’s response to the door was just an involuntary reflex – and that it meant nothing.

So no, it seems Leanne and Steve were given false hope that Oliver’s condition might be improving. 

What happens to Oliver in Corrie?

The incurable form of mitochondrial disease will eventually take Oliver’s life. 

Leanne and Steve are in denial about the fact, despite doctors hammering home that Oliver is too ill to be moved for any treatment – and that he is going to die no matter what. 

After Leanne and Steve accused Dr Howarth of stopping any specialists from visiting because it would embarrass them professionally, she explained: “Oliver’s too ill. We couldn’t allow you to move him from the hospital. Not if your decision would cause suffering.”

What’s going to happen with Steve and Leanne’s court battle to save Oliver?

After the doctors told Leanne and Steve that Oliver will never be able to breathe unaided again last month – and that it’s time to think about turning off his life support – the devastated parents launched a court battle to keep Oliver alive. 

When Steve suggested selling Street Cars and the florist to pay for the legal fees, Tracy was far from impressed and brutally told Steve that Oliver’s situation wasn’t going to improve. 

“Oliver’s not going to get better,” she said.

“There’s going to be no improvement, no miracle. Make the most of your time with him but I’m not squandering Amy’s future on a court case you can’t win, shouldn’t win.”

But Steve and Leanne have continued to insist they'll be able to save Oliver and gone ahead with the court case.

Wendy Caple, who has been appointed as an impartial representative in the dispute surrounding Oliver’s future, has been interviewing the youngster's family as well as doctors from the hospital.

But next week’s episodes of Corrie will see Simon do an interview with Wendy and steal her dictaphone. 

When he returns home, Nick and Leanne play Wendy’s interviews.

Might Leanne hear some harsh truths and realise she’s fighting a losing battle?  

Viewers will have to tune in to find out whether Steve and Leanne go ahead with the court case – and whether they win.

What has Ian MacLeod said about the storyline?

Speaking about the storyline, soap boss Ian MacLeod said: “This is a story about a family coming to terms with the most difficult news anyone can face and the ways in which this strengthens and shatters relationships in unpredictable ways.

“We want to do justice to the stories of the many thousands of families who have to deal with diagnoses similar to Oliver’s, be it a mitochondrial disorder or another life-limiting condition.

"It is something that, as a society, we find difficult to talk about but which is all too common.

"The taboo around these illnesses can mean awareness is low, which means funding for research is low. Aside from telling a brilliant, moving and emotionally complex story, we really hope to draw attention to this subject to change this situation for the better."

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