Who died in the Coronation Street tram crash?

CORONATION Street’s 50th anniversary week saw carnage on the cobbles as an explosion caused a tram to crash into the street. 

With the ITV soap celebrating its 60th anniversary this week with a number of epic storylines, let’s take a look back at the tram disaster which rocked the cobbles back in 2010…

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Who died in the Coronation Street tram crash?

The tram crash killed off three major Corrie characters.

It was sparked after an explosion tore apart The Joinery bar, which in turn caused a tram crossing the viaduct to derail and plunge down onto the cobbles.

The viaduct collapsed on top of Peter’s stag do as he enjoyed his last night of freedom with pals Nick Tilsley and Ashley Peacock.

After the horrifying crash, viewers saw the men battling to escape the twisted wreckage but, while Peter and Nick made it out alive, Ashley met a gruesome end beneath a falling beam while bravely passing Peter to rescuers. 

Molly Dobbs was the second character killed off in the chaos of the crash, passing away before the rescue team could free her from the rubble in the Corner Shop. 

In emotional scenes, dying Molly came clean to Sally Webster about her affair with Sally’s husband Kevin – and revealed the real paternity of her baby.

The other victims were an unnamed taxi driver and Charlotte Hoyle, who was actually murdered by Fiz’s husband, John Stape, on the night of the crash.

After killing her with a hammer, John got away with disguising Charlotte’s lifeless body as part of the tram crash chaos. 

What’s happening during Corrie’s 60th anniversary week?

Coronation Street is celebrating its 60th anniversary with three hour-long specials this week.

Monday night’s special episode saw Yasmeen Nazir’s trial for attempted murder come to a conclusion as the jury found her not guilty. 

Elsewhere, property developer Ray Crosby started a feud with the rest of the Corrie residents who decided to stand in the way of his plans to bulldoze the street, and Daniel Osbourne discovered that Carla had cheated on Peter Barlow with his nephew Adam.

Following on from the trial verdict, Corrie delivered a huge shock for viewers last night (December 9) as villain Geoff Metcalfe was killed off in a dramatic rooftop showdown with Yasmeen.

In a shock twist, Geoff slipped and fell to his death in the garden, where Yasmeen’s surviving chickens pecked at him as he took his last breath. 

It was a fitting end for the abuser, who killed and forced Yasmeen to eat her beloved chicken Charlotte Bronte in harrowing scenes ahead of her arrest.

The soap’s third and final hour-long anniversary special will air this Friday from 7.30pm on ITV.

Viewers will see Ray power on with his evil plan to destroy the cobbles and Peter risk his life by again hitting the bottle.

What has Ian MacLeod said about the 60th week?

Soap boss Ian MacLeod teased a major development coming to the cobbles during the explosive week of anniversary episodes. 

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Iain revealed: “Big anniversary weeks like we have are best when they’re the launchpad for new stuff rather than being a little standalone bubble of nostalgia. 

“We’ve been really careful that the 60th anniversary week lights the fuse on loads of new stuff. 

“There’s one story in particular that I can’t really talk too much about… 

“Towards the back of the week something massive happens that starts this avalanche of drama and catastrophe across the cobbles that I think the audience will be really surprised by. 

“You think you’re watching a week that’s about one set of things and suddenly boom, a really shocking incident arrives from nowhere and you think, ‘Wow.’ 

“We were really keen that the 60th week didn’t feel like the end of loads of stuff but also felt like the beginnings of what we were gonna do for 2021 and it really does. It’s exciting stuff.”

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