Who is Joel Edgerton, what is his movie Boy Erased about and who are the cast?

As the release date of his next big movie approaches, here's the lowdown on the star, his movie Boy Erased and the cast.

Who is Joel Edgerton?

Joel Edgerton is a 44-year-old actor, director and all-around movie genius from Australia.

The New South Wales native was born in Blacktown on June 23, 1974.

The actor studied drama at the University of Western Sydney's Nepean Drama School.

Joel has been in countless Hollywood films including Star Wars: Episode II, Star Wars: Episode III, Warrior and The Great Gatsby.

What is his movie Boy Erased about?

Joel's latest movie Boy erased will hit theatres on February 8, 2019.

It tells the story of a Baptist preacher's son, who is forced to participate in a gay conversion scheme supported by the church.

This happens after his sexual preferences are forcibly outed to his parents.

Joel has taken on an impressive amount of work for the movie.

He is the director and producer of the movie he helped write for the screen and he plays a character names Victor Sykes.

Who is in the cast?

The cast is full of talented actors and actresses, including some huge A-listers.

Here's a list of the cast members.

  • Lucas Hedges – Jared Eamons
  • Nicole Kidman – Nancy Eamons
  • Russel Crowe – Marshall Eamons
  • Madelyn Cline – Chloe
  • Victor McCay – Aaron
  • David Joseph Craig – Michael
  • Troye Sivan – Gary
  • Emily Hinkler – Lee
  • Devin Michael – Anders
  • Matt Burke – Simon
  • Lindsey Moser – Tina
  • Jesse LaTourette – Sarah
  • Britton Sear – Cameron
  • David Ditmore – Phillip
  • William Ngo – Carl
  • Xavier Dolan – Jon
  • Tim Ware – Big Jim
  • Flea – Brandon

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