Who is the host of Love Island Season 2?

LOVE Island has relocated for season 2 – from Fiji to Las Vegas.

The US version of the British reality television show has kept one familiar element, however, and that's the host.

Arielle Vandenberg is the host of the romance-seeking reality show, since it premiered on CBS in July 2019.

The second season kicked off in August 2020.

It's being filmed at The Cromwell Hotel in Sin City, where contestants and production crew have been isolated amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"I love Vegas for this show because of the fact that there's so much energy here," she told ET, of the location switch.

"It's a perfect place and I’m so excited it's here because the lights, the energy, the vibe, it just feels very Love Island-y even though we're not on an island."

Arielle's own love life has been more successful than that of those she's aiming to match up, so far.

She's engaged to Vine star Matt Cutshall.

The model previously dated Arctic Monkey's frontman Alex Turner, from 2011-2014 and dated actor Will Arnett in 2015.

She previously appeared on television in a number of one-off appearances, including CSI: Miami, Bones, How I Met Your Mother and Numbers.

The 33-year-old also had non-speaking roles in films including Epic Movie and The Ugly Truth.

Zac Mirabelli and Elizabeth Weber were crowned the winners of season one and split the $100,000 prize.

The contestants, known as islanders, usually live in Fiji totally isolated from the outside world and must be coupled up with another Islander in order to win.

The premise behind “coupling” is vague, as it can be for friendship, love, or survival.

Islanders and couples take part in games and challenges designed to test their physical and mental abilities, with the winners receiving special prizes afterward.

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