Why Jamie Lee Curtis Launched a Podcast During the Pandemic

The story is very intentionally set in 2005, Curtis says. “It was such a needed breath of fresh air to be able to kind of go back in that time. We chose 2005, because it's pre-social media. It's pre the poison of social media.”

The entire season of Letters from Camp was created during the pandemic. Curtis was supposed to be filming Halloween Kills, the twelfth installment in the franchise right now. “Boco started writing this in May. And now you're hearing it. There was this freedom to it.” She and Gyllenhaal have talked about the new way of working.

“Jake and I were talking the other day. He sent me a picture of his ‘recording studio,’ which was like a little desk area in a house he was renting. He had cushions and blankets over the cushions. He told me, ‘When you're recording, you actually try things.’ This has been a very new, fun, creative Petri dish that is yielding great results. Like Taylor Swift’s new album. She was able to create something powerful.” The scrappy experience actually reminded her of the first Halloween she filmed, in 1978.

“That was made in 17 days with a really small group of people,” Curtis says. “It was guerrilla filmmaking. It was innocent. Everyone was young. Everyone had nothing to lose. No one had any money. No one had any property or prestige. Everybody was hungry for being creative.”

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