Will Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's New Home Be Ready in Time for Their Baby?

When Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex married, Queen Elizabeth, as any grandmother would, gave the newlyweds the Frogmore Cottage on the Windsor Estate. Though the couple has been living in the two-bedroom Nottingham Cottage on the Kensington Palace estate, the Frogmore Cottage will house five bedrooms and is undergoing renovation. Windsor is 20 miles away from Kensington Palace.

Frogmore Cottage

Until recently, the cottage was used to house members of the royal staff, but the rejuvenation of the property will change the house into a home well-equipped for family, and with modern amenities. The Duke and Duchess will keep their offices based at Kensington Palace. Frogmore is where the staging of the couple’s wedding pictures occurred and where their evening wedding party took place. Security will have to be updated and installed before the royal family moves in. The Evening Standard writes:

With two high-profile members of the royal family moving in, and their new baby, public access to the property will need to be prevented.

Queen Elizabeth visits this property regularly and walks her Corgis around the estate.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s growing family

The royal baby is coming in the Spring of this year. So, the cottage’s separate five flats are changing to into a single home for the Duke, Duchess, their two dogs, and best of all, the new baby. Some have said that the countryside is more appealing to the couple who have hinted that they did not want their child growing up “on display” at Kensington Palace.

Frogmore, built between 1680 and 1684, is due for a re-do. Its original designer was Hugh May, architect of Henry VIII. The first modifications will include a yoga studio, a spa, and a nursery. A space for Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, and rooms for a nanny and a police protection officer are included in the plans.

A good royal mother

Meghan Markle is only months away from having her dear baby, but she has shown the public how much she loves children already by cradling her baby bump in her hands on many royal appearance. Experts in the field of Pediatrics say that cradling their bumps assists mothers in forming a loving connection with their infants.

On several occasions, the Duchess of Sussex has broken with ceremony and hugged toddlers, babies, and children. She is an excellent cook and a person who cares deeply about others. She joined these two characteristics when she helped those affected by the Grenfell fire tragedy by supporting residents in releasing a cookbook, the proceeds of which were used to help victims.

Will their house be ready in time?

The price of the renovation has some people shaking their heads. Reports say the cost is up to almost $4 million. Ongoing plans for the home include a green energy unit costing over $60,000, additional fireplaces, a floating floor, and more.

Although these renovations, paid for by British taxpayers in the form of a sovereign grant, are costly, the royal couple will cover any costs that go above and beyond what is reasonable. Meghan keeps close tabs on the work done on the cottage. Prince Harry is involved on a daily basis, as well.

The extensive renovation has contractors “cutting it close” and the royal couple “racing against time” to complete everything before the baby arrives, according to royal sources.

Rumor has it that the Duchess is using a mood board to keep up with all her ideas regarding the nursery. Most people think that although the entire house may not be complete by the time Baby Sussex arrives, the nursery will be finished and beautifully appointed when the new baby boy or girl takes residence.

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