X Factor prize pot has diminished over the years – here’s what Dalton will get

A million pound record deal, a flash flat and a career singing your heart out to millions – X Factor used to boast the premiere league of prizes.

But times have changed and, unlike 2004 when the show launched, a £1million recording contract is not anywhere near the table. In fact, you are probably better off looking for it buried under the patio.

However, Dalton Harris shouldn’t worry – Simon Cowell and crew are offering a prize, it’s just all a bit mysterious. When approached X Factor told Mirror Online this year’s winner would take home "a life changing record deal".

They refused to be drawn on a figure.

Fourteen years ago the £1 million record deal was mostly used to market the single – which traditionally made it into the Christmas number 1 slot.

Since 2011 it has been thought that the act only gets an initial advance of £150,000 for their first album.

If they manage to impress the label the advance rises to £237,500 for a second, £315,000 for a third, and £400,000 for a fourth.

Little Mix and One Direction are the biggest commercial successes from the show. It is thought Little Mix were estimated to have a net worth of £12million – worth £3million apiece.

The Government announced it will waive VAT on the X Factor winner’s single and donate the money to charities.

Dalton Harris will be taking home this year’s prize after coming out on top with the viewers.

He was up against Anthony Russell and Scarlett Lee , but wowed the judges and public enough to win the 2018 series.

His win won’t come as a surprise to many viewers after he was pitted as the all-out bookies favourite.

The Jamaican-born star was 4-1 favourite to win the show tonight, in comparison to Scarlett’s 5-1 odds and Anthony’s 10-1.

Dalton’s soaring winners duet to Frankie Goes to Hollywood hit Power of Love with 2012 winner James Arthur clinched the deal this evening.

Dalton is set to be rewarded with a recording contract with Syco Records – Simon Cowell’s label owned by Sony.

The value of that contract was claimed to be £1million when the show launched in 2004, although this was spread over about five albums, so there were no actual millionaires made initially.

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