Yellowstone season 4 spoilers: Kayce star teases ‘more of the same’ drama in next series

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The Dutton family were torn apart once again in the latest instalment of Yellowstone, which concluded with an earth-shattering cliffhanger. As filming gets underway for season four, Luke Grimes has teased there are even more surprises coming our way next year on the Paramount Network.

Luke Grimes has given fans one of their first indicators of what lies ahead in the next season of hit Western series, Yellowstone.

Grimes portrays Kayce Dutton in the series, the son of powerful landowner John Dutton (played by Kevin Costner).

This year brought the third season of Yellowstone to a gripping close, and Grimes has confirmed the season premiere will pick up right where the latest horrific twist left off.

In an interview with Monsters & Critics, the US star revealed he’s especially excited about what’s to come in this season.

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However, he was also careful to avoid spoilers, as showrunner Taylor Sheridan is keen to keep tantalising plot details away from prying eyes.

Grimes confessed: “I always get myself in hot water when I start talking about this stuff.”

While the star couldn’t get into specifics, he indicated the drama of the fourth season will remain just as dark, intense and compelling.

He continued: “You can definitely expect more of the same.”

“And the same meaning you never know where this show’s going to go. I think that’s what’s so brilliant about the writing.”

Many viewers were absolutely dumbstruck by the final ten minutes of the latest season, which subjected the Duttons to a horrendous series of attacks.

After standing their ground against Roarke Morris (Josh Holloway) throughout season three, the family’s lives are nevertheless hanging in the balance following the devastating finale.

John Dutton is bleeding on the side of the road, while his daughter Beth (Kelly Reilly) may have been caught by an explosive package.

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Meanwhile, Kayce will be forced to defend himself against approaching gunmen who ambushed him in the climax of season three.

As the three Duttons’ lives are all on the line, Yellowstone’s season four premiere is currently one of the most highly anticipated TV events for next summer.

Production is currently making good headway, so the series is on track to meet its traditional June deadline.

Additionally, Luke Grimes heaped praise onto the series’ head writer and director, Taylor Sheridan, who has at least co-written every episode of Yellowstone so far.

He added: “Even working on it, it’s never where I think it’s going to go. 

“Taylor always finds some new avenue to go down or explore some new thing that you just didn’t see coming. I think that’s why people are so drawn into it.”

The Hollywood screenwriter has already imbued the series with his cinematic touch to make the twisting family narrative extra gripping, with help from some impressive performances from the main cast.

Now the series has started to attract more and more viewers with each episode, it looks like Yellowstone’s quality will also rise with its growing popularity. 

Yellowstone will return in 2021 on Paramount and Peacock.

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