A Maze in Snow: Corn maze business hoping to break Guinness World Record

Right now the field at A Maze in Corn in Saint Adolphe, Man. is covered in snow, but the goal is to turn it into the world’s biggest snow maze.

“It’s just going to be a square maze for year one so we’re trying to keep it simple because it’s so large,” owner Clint Masse said.

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The plan is to shatter a Guinness World Record, one that’s held by the Fort William Historical Park in Thunder Bay.

To do that, Masse is planning on creating a maze that’s 4,200 feet long, with walls that are two feet wide and six and a half feet tall.

“We crunched some numbers and we’re going for it,” Masse said. “We got it approved by the Guinness World Book people to challenge the record.”

“We’ve done a corn maze for so many years and a snow maze just looks like an awesome winter option.”

Masse and his staff are building walls out of wood and then covering them with snow. He’s hoping this will be the boost the business needs after an autumn of wet weather.

The company celebrated 21 seasons this year, but the weather put a damper on those celebrations.

“This was the worst fall we ever had,” he said.

“We counted it because we keep track. We had exactly one dry October where we said we don’t have any mud, and we had one dry weekend in September when we can say we don’t have any mud.”

Masse said he’s spending $50,000 to make the maze. He’s also going to have slides and a snow hill for people to play on.

The goal is to have the new maze up and running for the new year.

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