Amazon workers sickened when bear spray explodes in warehouse

A can of bear repellent fell off a shelf and exploded inside an Amazon warehouse in New Jersey on Wednesday, sickening dozens, including one worker in critical condition, officials said.

Eighty workers at the Robbinsville distribution center had difficulty breathing and burning eyes and throats when the potent pepper spray accidentally discharged at around 8:45 a.m, city spokesman John Nalbone told

Of those, 24 people were taken to five local hospitals, with their conditions not immediately available.

Amazon confirmed the aerosol can disperse strong fumes in an area of the sprawling facility that has since been contained. Hundreds of people work at the warehouse during a regular shift.

“The safety of our employees is our top priority, and as such, all employees in that area have been relocated to a safe place and employees experiencing symptoms are being treated on site,” an Amazon spokeswoman said. “As a precaution, some employees have been transported to local hospitals for evaluation and treatment.”

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