Antifa members vandalized Whole Foods and Apple store in Brooklyn

Dozens of Antifa protesters go on rampage across Brooklyn smashing windows of an Apple store and spray painting ‘Murder Bezos’ over shop front of Whole Foods

  • Scores of Antifa members marched through Williamsburg late on Saturday night 
  • March was in solidarity with anti-Confederate protesters near Atlanta, Georgia 
  • Counter-demonstrators clashed with rightists in Stone Mountain on Saturday 
  • Antifa members smashed windows and spray painted graffiti on walls
  • Apple store, HSBC Bank, Whole Foods and Compass Real Estate were damaged
  • Some spray painted messages like ‘Murder Bezos’ and ‘F*** the police’ 

Several dozen suspected Antifa members vandalized an Apple store and a Whole Foods supermarket in the trendy Williamsburg section of Brooklyn late on Saturday while spray painting anti-police graffiti and messages like ‘Murder Bezos’.

Video shows several people wearing hooded shirts shattering the glass facade of the Apple location in Williamsburg using an object thrown against the window.

At least one individual was seen inside the store, according to footage posted by the site LiveLeak.

Vandals spray painted the letters ‘FTP’ – or ‘f*** the police’ – on the wall.

Vandals do damage to the windows of an Apple store in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn on Saturday night

At least two were seen walking inside the store after vandals threw objects at the glass window

The NYPD is seeking the public’s help in identifying the vandals from Saturday night

At least one person was seen inside the Apple store in Williamsburg on Saturday night

The video also shows graffiti spray painted onto the glass facade of an HSBC Bank location nearby on Bedford Avenue.

A Whole Foods store nearby that was vandalized was spray painted with the message ‘Murder Bezos’.

In one segment of the footage, a Whole Foods employee comes outside to confront some of the would-be vandals and protesters.

Whole Foods is a subsidiary of Amazon, the online retailer owned by the world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos.

The vandals also targeted a Whole Foods location nearby (seen in the above photo)

A Whole Foods employee confronted the would-be vandals on the sidewalk in front of the store

Vandals also spray painted ‘Murder Bezos’ on a nearby HSBC Bank location on Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn on Saturday

Anti-police graffiti is seen after it was spray painted onto the window facade of a store in Williamsburg on Saturday

Antifa sympathizers are seen above marching through Williamsburg on Saturday night

Broken windows and graffiti were also said to have been spray painted on a Compass Real Estate outlet store just down the block.

One vandal wrote ‘Die Yuppy’, according to the New York Post.

‘I feel sentiment for the times, but this stuff is just senseless,’ a Compass employee told The Post.

‘They don’t even know what they’re doing. It’s just destruction for destruction’s sake.’

The employee added: ‘The irony of it is you can clearly tell that everyone on the video is white.

‘And it’s like, do you guys even know what you’re doing this for?’

The Antifa activists were marching in solidarity with the counter-demonstrators who clashed with members of pro-Confederate and white supremacist organizations in the Atlanta suburb of Stone Mountain, Georgia, on Saturday.

Several dozen right-wing activists toting rifles and Confederate battle flags gathered near Stone Mountain Park, home to a giant sculpture of Confederate leaders.

The Three Percenters militia, which organized the event, had applied last month to hold a more than 2,000-strong rally ‘to defend and protect our history and Second Amendment rights’ at the park, in response to a march by an all-black militia held on July 4.

Chaos unfolded in the city, just as officials had feared, as the rival groups faced off with each other for hours. People on both sides were seen carrying rifles.

Members of right-wing groups proudly waving their Confederate flags were seen coming face to face with anti-racism and anti-fascist activists.

Several Black Lives Matter supporters were spotted in heated confrontations with far-right activists, many of whom were wearing Trump 2020 shirts and hats.

The Antifa march through Williamsburg on Saturday was staged in solidarity with left-wing protesters who clashed with pro-Confederate militias near Atlanta, Georgia, on Saturday. Tensions between the two rival groups reached a boiling point in Stone Mountain on Saturday as brawls broke out among members of opposing sides 

A counter demonstrator holding a placard calling for the removal of the Confederate monument is seen facing off with a member of an opposing group 

For the first few hours of the rally, things were relatively peaceful, aside from some shoving and pushing and spirited arguments

For several hours, there was little visible police presence and things were largely peaceful, aside from some shoving and pushing and spirited arguments.

Some left-wing activists were also seen setting Confederate battle flags alight.

But just before 1pm, tensions between the rival groups reached a boiling point, as brawls broke out among the crowd. 

People from opposing sides were seen punching and kicking each other and throwing rocks, prompting police officers in riot gear to move in to disperse the crowds.

National Guard troops were also deployed to the scene as chaos erupted. 

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