Brexit could spark baby milk shortage as ministers urge emergency stockpiling in event of 'no deal'

Michael Gove, the Environment Secretary, revealed a staggering 80 per cent of baby milk is imported from Europe.

He warned the Cabinet that Britain's supply could run out if ports were blocked following the Brexit deal.

This prompted Health Secretary Matt Hancock to order large quantities of milk and allow £1million to be spent on 5,000 giant fridges to keep it in.

According to the Mail on Sunday, an additional £8.9million will be spent on drugs and medical supplies.

It comes after Mr Hancock, 40, said he was the owner of the “world’s largest collection of fax machines” in reference to the outdated methods used by the NHS.

But a source joked he is now also the owner of the “world’s largest private collection of fridges”.

The Department of Health and Social Care said British people will still have access to "specialist food products" when the UK leaves the EU.

A spokesman said: "As part of our contingency plans we are working closely with manufacturers and supply chains to ensure that in the unlikely event of a no deal, supplies of baby formula will continue uninterrupted.

"Our planning will also ensure that on the day the UK leaves the EU, we will have all the necessary resources to continue to protect UK consumers from food safety risks and give them access to specialist food products."

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