Cannes fish shows impressive vanishing act as it dives under seabed

Fish shows off its impressive vanishing act as it suddenly dives towards the seabed and disappears under the sand

  • The small fish disappears below the seabed off coast of Cannes, south France 
  • The fish – a bottom feeder that eats on the ocean floor – goes for several seconds
  • It reemerges after a while and carefully looks out for predators as flaps its fins 

Incredible close-up footage shows a fish suddenly vanish below the seabed in a bizarre game of underwater hide and seek.

The fish – which feeds on the ocean floor – swims into shot in the waters off Cannes, France.

It swings around and appears right in front of a snorkeling tourist’s camera.

The fish swims into view and dives down into the bottom of the sea off the coast of Cannes, France

Before it decides to take the plunge, it looks directly down the camera lens as it prepares its vanishing act through the sand 

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It hesitates slightly but the next moment the fish disappears into the seabed

The animal hesitates for a moment then disappears in a flash as it burrows under the sand.

The fish is completely invisible for several seconds before it resurfaces. 

Finally the small creature slowly pokes its striped head out of the sand.

The tiny fish reemerges from the sand and waits a few seconds before leaving the burrow

It comes just a quarter of the way out to check there are no predators around, before re-emerging completely, flapping its pectoral fins. 

The tourist who took the clip said: ‘During a snorkeling trip, we saw a sultan of the sand moving around the place he lives. 

‘We tried to film him when he went in and out by leaving a camera close to where we saw it.’

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