Celebrations advent calendar fury continues as sweet behind door 3 prompts choc lovers to declare 'I'm done with it'

Chocolate lovers took to Twitter to broadcast their bitter disappointment over opening day three's door to reveal a Mars – which has recently been voted the LEAST favourite of all the Celebrations.

The caramel and nougat choc surprise lead to some people abandoning the advent calendar all together, after previous woes over doors one and two.

Twitter user Rebekka refused to sugar-coat her words:  "I have given my Celebrations advent calendar enough chances to impress me but after day 1 was a Bounty, day 2 was a Snickers and day three a Mars, I'm done with it."

The calendar didn't get off to the best start by starting with a Bounty – the coconut filled choc that is often found lurking at the bottom of the tub.

Some said that their Christmas was "ruined" from day one.

Hoping for a Galaxy or Malteasers nibble on day two, the second door was full of promise… only for it to reveal a Snickers – something that people really lost their cool over.

Charlotte said: "A Bounty, Snickers and Mars bar. If this celebrations advent calendar doesn't start perking its ideas up I swear."


Fern wrote: "I cannot believe my advent calendar this year.

"Bounty on day one, Snickers on day two and a Mars on day three.

"Celebrations is just out to ruin my festivity.

"If I don't get a Malteaser tomorrow I'll be absolutely f****** furious."

If you have a Celebrations Advent calendar, you can prepare yourself for disappointment with this spoiler.

Mars Inc recently polled chocolate lovers to find out which is our favourite treat – with YouGov surveying 2,045 Brits.

Maltesers topped the list, followed by Galaxy, then Galaxy Caramel and Twix.

While Mars was voted the worst choice, followed by Milky Way and Bounty.

A Mars spokesman said: “Every year we enjoy seeing the debates rage about the nation’s favourite Celebrations.

“We’ve been doing some of our own polling to find out more, so watch this space…”

The humble Mars Bar was created in 1932 in Slough by Forrest Mars, Sr.

With a small rented factory and 12 staff members, the nougat and caramel covered in milk chocolate was made for the masses.

Designed with his father's Milky Way bar as inspiration and had the slogan: "pleasure you can't measure".

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