Cops break up street party as 100 students dance and push each other around in shopping trolleys at Warwick University

THIS is the moment university students flee as cops shut down an illegal street party of more than 100 people.

Police broke up the illegal rave at the University of Warwick at around midnight on Saturday, as crowds of youngsters were filmed dancing and pushing each other around on trolleys.

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The students were seen gathered in the University's Red Square, where theypiled together and broke the Rule of Six well after pubs shut.

Footage shows one youngster being pushed around in a shopping trolley as others dance together and chant to loud music.

Screams can later be heard as the students flee in all directions.

Moments later a police van follows and an officer on a loudspeaker can be heard saying: "Ladies and gentleman, return to your accommodation."

He goes on to warn anyone left behind will receive a fine as other officers get out of the van to patrol the area.


One onlooker said: "What happens is that when the bars close the students take their drinks outside and continue drinking and dancing.

"It happens quite a lot and obviously they are breaking every rule in the book. When the police turned up they all ran off."

Coventry, which is home to the University of Warwick, is currently subject to Tier 2 lockdown rules.

It means people are banned from mixing with another household indoors and can mix in groups of no more than six outside.

It comes after Bristol University condemned students for gathering outside their halls at night and ignoring social distancing.

The university has upped security patrols after pictures showed crowds of youngsters gathered outside their halls in Stoke Bishop, Bristol, over the weekend, Bristol Live reports.

It comes as coronavirus ravages universities up and down the country, with thousands of students testing positive for the bug.

Earlier this month 1,600 students tested positive for coronavirus in Newcastle in just one week.

And thousands were caged in their halls in Northumbria, as an outbreak there left around 770 students infected.

The Sun Online has approached West Midlands Police and Warwick University for comment.

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